Sunday update

Check out the new statue of legendary Memphis musician Bobby “Blue” Bland. It’s at the northeast corner of South Main and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue.

Got a neat job opportunity to tell you about this morning. Green Girl Produce, a vertical hydroponic farm at 516 Tennessee Street, is looking to hire two part-time (20 hour/week) positions that have the potential to grow into something more. If you have a passion for farming, environmental sustainability, health and nutrition, and eating local, they would like to talk to you. They are hiring a Grow Master and a Farm Liaison. More details and how to apply here.

Here’s the Downtown Flying Saucer’s new burger-centric menu. I talked to Owen, one of the managers there, the other day, and he says that on weekdays the kitchen stays open until midnight. I will definitely be stopping by and getting a burger to go in the weeks to come. The Terlingua sounds like it will be my go-to burger. I love a good burger with chili on top. The Sputnik Monroe sounds like one I will try as well, and the Gobble Me when I am in the mood for a turkey burger.

After spreading a little sunshine at the Farmers Market and Earnestine & Hazel’s yesterday morning, I wandered north to my usual Saturday spot Bardog Tavern. They have locally-distilled Old Dominick at the bar now.

There will be a giant beer pong tournament Thursday, May 25 at Loflin Yard. $20 to enter a two-person team with the money raised benefiting St. Jude. Pint glasses and prizes will be provided, and there will be a Ballast Point Brewing tap takeover.


The Memphis Medical Center District will have its annual meetup at Premiere Palace. 629 Monroe, Tuesday, May 23 6:00-7:30 PM. Hear about accomplishments of the past year and plans for the year ahead. There will be wine, beer by High Cotton, and food by Evelyn and Olive.

Each member of the 2016 Life Champions the Tennessee Vols men’s powder puff football team is receiving two “championship” rings for its miracle 9-4 season. One is for the “Battle of Bristol” win over Virginia Tech, and the other is for their Music City Bowl victory. This is so UT and so perfectly illustrates why Butch Jones is the perfect coach for that band of clowns. I bet UT fans are looking at pictures of those two rings and choking their chicken right about now. (I’m using “choking their chicken” as a metaphor for masturbation, but given UT’s hillbilly fan base, they may literally be choking their chicken as well.)

Bet someone at the Knox County branch of Josten’s is receiving a phat bonus check this week…

I do have to give a tip of the hat to UT fans’ generosity, though. On Sunday, October 30 of last year, they made a donation of hundreds of WE BEAT SOUTH CAROLINA shirts to the local homeless shelter.

Recently re-opened Senses Nightclub may be in trouble for a zoning violation. That area is not currently zoned for a nightclub and since they were closed for more than 365 days, they cannot be considered grandfathered in.

Random Facebook fun from yesterday: One person is really looking forward to her high school reunion!

That’s the news for today. If any of my Moody Ques teammates feel like meeting up, I will be at D-RANKS with B-RAD at Blind Bear at 11 this morning, then mid-afternoon I will walk over to Tom Lee Park to see what needs to be done in the booth. With Monday off tomorrow, I plan on going a little bit late into the night. Back tomorrow with more news.