Mayweather-McGregor at Loflin Yard and more Saturday news

Prayers to any readers who have friends or relatives living on the Texas Gulf Coast. That area took a hard one overnight and it looks like Harvey is going to stick around and dump rain for days to come.

If you want to watch the Mayweather-McGregor fight tonight, Loflin Yard has it. There is a $10 cover. Interestingly, I ran into a friend last night who is involved with V3Fights locally and who was handing out flyers for their September 2 show at Minglewood. I asked him if he thought McGregor had a chance, and he surprised me with his answer: “I think he has a very good chance.” He said that McGregor has been taking hard punches to the head his entire life and won’t be fazed by Mayweather’s. He also said that McGregor is smart enough not to forget it’s a boxing match and get disqualified for a takedown or a kick. I defer to his knowledge of MMA, but he is one of very few people I have talked to who does not think Mayweather will slaughter McGregor.

The R. Kelly concert at FedExForum tomorrow night has been canceled.

Yesterday afternoon I was waiting on a script to finish running at work, when I had a thought: Halloween weekend is to the fall what Music Fest weekend is to the spring. What I mean by that is, it seems like many years the weather tends to be excellent right up a day or two before the Saturday on or preceding Halloween, which tends to be the big party night. Then on Saturday or shortly before, the temperatures plummet, leaving everyone in costume (especially ladies who like to show off their naughty side that night) shivering as they get to and from their parties.

I did a little research to see if I was out of my mind. I got on Weather Underground and looked up the recorded high and low for Memphis for October 28, which will be Halloween party Saturday this year. The average high and low for that date is 70/50. Over the past 20 years, there have been 6 occurrences where the high and low were significantly below average on the 28th.

  • 2012: 58/38
  • 2011: 58/40
  • 2008: 52/34
  • 2005: 66/39
  • 2001: 61/36
  • 1997: 57/36

If you remember, last year the temps were in the mid 80s (almost TOO warm for costumes) on Halloween party night. I have a feeling we’re going to be due for a cold one after getting lucky the past four years. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as Halloween 1993 though: That day the high was 44, the low 30, and it snowed!

Does this make me a climate change denier? Maybe Trump will tweet a link to this post.

John Paul Keith plays The Front Porch 6:30-8:30 tonight.

Life goals:

The Center for Southern Folklore is seeking volunteers for next week’s Memphis Music & Heritage Festival. Apply here.

Will Hurricane Harvey affect the Mid-South? The blog has the answers.

The Memphis Hustle will host open player tryouts in Memphis and Southaven September 23 and 24.

Another Redbirds playoff promotion:

I ended up missing Trolley Night last night, and I hate that because I wanted to take some pictures inside 409 S. Main to post here. However, a large group of BBQ teammates showed up at Silly Goose happy hour. We got talking about ideas for our first practice cook for Burger Fest and time flew. I hope 409 has another preview night soon.

Time to get out and about. I am going to be keeping my eye on Twitter for Harvey updates all day. Back tomorrow (or maybe Monday, if I don’t have time before cooking practice) with more news.