Wednesday update #2

Yesterday the Daily News announced that Daniel Masters, owner/operator of Silly Goose, would be taking over the former Cafe Pontotoc space, reopening it as Pontotoc (see my post earlier today). The article mentioned plans to open for breakfast and then stay open late. I ran into Daniel yesterday and asked him about his plans for Pontotoc. “I’m thinking we’ll open around 8 AM, 10 on the weekends,” Daniel said. “It’ll be a place for people who want to come set up and make it their office all day.” Sounds excellent. This is also good news for third-shifters, who will soon have an additional place to hang out Downtown after getting off work.

You can donate to a local page raising money for Operation BBQ Relief. This operation deploys quickly during times of crisis, such as Tropical Storm Harvey, to feed those who have been displaced. Wonderful organization. The page has already hit its fundraising goal but you can still donate. I’m sure it will be much appreciated by those in Houston and the surrounding area.

Seth from Burger Fest posted some interesting news to his personal Facebook page this morning:

“Complete details will be announced in the coming days. But real quick, we felt there just wasn’t enough going on at Best Memphis Burger Fest, so we got together with Steak Cookoff Association and decided to add an official SCA Steak cookoff at Burger Fest. Burger Teams will be invited to join the SCA event at a discount and SCA Steak teams can sign up for BMBF Bloody Mary or enter the full burger competition, also at a discounted rate. We’re so excited about this dual event. And of course you know what that means? MORE EATN!”

Memphis Farmers Market Squared at Court Square is canceled today due to bad weather.

There will be a Day of Mindfulness at the Church of the River on Virginia Ave. on Saturday, October 7.

The Memphis-Louisiana Monroe game will be played as scheduled Thursday night, despite Harvey moving through around that time. If you have a ticket to the game and don’t own a raincoat, I suggest you go buy one. Umbrellas are not allowed in the stadium.

The Kremlin has confirmed that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer reached out to them during the 2016 presidential campaign for help with a business deal.

That’s it for now. Rainy drive home (probably) then out to Silly Goose happy hour after work.