“Thrusday” update #2: Pho and ramen, Memphis Music & Heritage Fest lineup, Judy gets a note, Memphis Grill Fest and more

Oshi has re-opened with a new menu. Great news – you can get pho and ramen in the Downtown core now! Their pho has a base of beef consomme, with sliced beef, meatballs, cliantro, scallions, bean sprouts, and jalapenos. For ramen, they have pork-based tokatsu and miso-tokatsu, and they also have a chicken-based ramen dish. Their appetizers and entrees are mostly what I would call Asian fusion, but the Oshi Burger with Wagyu beef made it onto the menu, a nice nod to the previous incarnation of Oshi. They have sushi too.

Why not come Downtown this weekend and check out both Oshi and the Memphis Music & Heritage Festival? The performance lineup is up on the website now. The lineup is proof that this festival celebrates the diversity of regional music and culture. Jug bands, mariachi, rock, folk, hill country blues, rockabilly, Latin, jazz, R&B, soul, blues, hip-hop, electronica, rap, ragtime, reggae… the list of genres goes on and on. Here’s a list of the artists and vendors you will find at the festival.

VERY COOL: The director of the Center for Southern Folklore, which puts on the festival, Judy Peiser, is getting her note on Beale Street Sunday. Congratulations Judy on an honor that is richly deserved! Thank you for all you have done to promote music and other forms of art in this city.

Happy Thrusday from the folks at Horn Lake Wendy’s!

The really disturbing thing is, the sign has been this way since yesterday. It was up for an entire day and no one who worked there noticed Thursday was misspelled and bothered to correct it.

Seth has added information about Memphis Grill Fest, the steak cooking competition which will run alongside Best Memphis Burger Fest. Teams can enter whichever combination of burgers, Bloody Mary, and steak they want. I like it that if you win your burger or steak category, you get enough prize money to cover what you spent on fees to enter the competition.

Howl at the Moon, the annual fundraiser for Streetdog Foundation, will happen at The Warehouse at the northeast corner of Front and G.E. Patterson Saturday, November 11. Live music by Shufflegrit, Bobbie & Tasha, South Side Supper Club, Grape, and more. There will be lots of delicious food as well as live and silent auctions. A Paw Pass ($40/$50 at the door) gets you in the door, and access to food, the auctions, and a photo booth. A Purple Paw Pass ($80) gets you everything that comes with the Paw Pass, plus unlimited bar pass and reserved seating. I’ve been to this event before and it is a barkin’ good time.

Wings of Jubilee hot wing fest happens Saturday, September 9, 11-6 PM at Memphis Catholic Middle and High School at 61 N. McLean. This festival raises money to help 1600 students in Memphis, helping to provide low-income students with significant need-based scholarships. Live music by the South Side Supper Club, the Risky Whiskey Boys, and Charvey Mac. $5 to get in, free for kids 11 and under.

Ghost River usually has Flying Sobies on site for their Sunday brunch – however, Sobies is taking a 1-week break this weekend to celebrate their 1-year anniversary. So instead, the Eddy’s Pepper food truck will be on site with a special brunch-style menu. Breakfast burritos and other goodies! Brunch drinks include Bloody Beers (Grindhouse Cream Ale combined with your Bloody Mary Mix of choice), Beer-itas (Prestige Pilsner mixed with Crazy Good Rita Mix,) & Gose-mosas (Howzit Gose paired with OJ). At 5 they’ll have Sunday Slowdown, songwriter sessions hosted by Tiffany Harmon with a special guest each week.

Speaking of brewery taprooms, here’s a question to consider:

High Ground News has an interesting article on ghost signs, signs that give a glimpse into Memphis’ past. There are several from South Main and The Edge that are discussed.

Go Tigers Go! Memphis hosts ULM tonight at the Liberty Bowl, 8:15 kickoff. It’s also time to CALL THOSE HOGS!!! Arkansas hosts Florida A&M tonight at 7. Starting to hear variations of “IT’S GONNN BEEE ARRRRR YEAR” from Tennessee fans, which makes me snicker.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is teaming up with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in the investigation of Paul Manafort and his financial ties. Here’s why: Trump’s pardon of Joe Arapio sends a signal to Manafort that Trump would do the same for him. Mueller’s teaming with Schneiderman sends a message to Manafort that state charges, which if resulted in a conviction could not be pardoned by the president, could be coming if he doesn’t start singing like a canary. They already have Mike Flynn who turned state’s evidence. If Manafort did the same that would be the beginning of the end for Trump. Special counsel Mueller added an expert in witness flipping to his team last month.

Everyone be careful driving home this afternoon as Harvey’s bands of heavy rain move through. As @trafficbabe Wendi Hays would say, SLOW YOUR ROLL. That’ll do it for this post, back tomorrow with more news.