A few Oshi pictures

Yesterday I was at the Memphis Music & Heritage Festival watching my neighbor’s band when I heard “Hey, Paul!” It was my friends Rahul and Tony. “We’re going to Oshi. Come join us.” I wasn’t hungry but they offered to buy me a beer so I went in.

I sipped on a Memphis Made Lucid Kolsch while they ordered food. I wasn’t hungry but I got a couple of photos of the sushi they ordered.

Nice looking sushi and apparently pretty reasonably priced too. I will have to go back when I am hungry, although the pho is probably first on my list to try since you can’t get that elsewhere Downtown.

I didn’t know that trolls like sake until yesterday.

Later in the day, I went down to South Main for a friend’s birthday party. After the party I stopped by Max’s Sports Bar. My friends Joe and Angela were there and I took a photo of their Wings of Jubilee poster. Wings of Jubilee is a hot wing contest happening next Saturday at Memphis Catholic High in Midtown.

Max’s has added even more TVs for your football watching pleasure. And although I enjoyed watching Virginia Tech secure a fine victory last night, my attention was more focused on Spike TV, where they were showing a Bar Rescue marathon. They had two episodes and then a reunion show to give an update on how the rescued bars were doing. One of the rescues was a Houston bar and Taffer bought them a billboard for one year to attract business. I wonder if the bar is still open post-Harvey.

YIKES! Bardog opened at 8 AM this morning at it’s 9:27 and I’m not there yet. I better get on this. Back tomorrow with more news.