Quick post

Yesterday was Halloween party Saturday and I dressed up as my little troll figurine who stands on the bar next to my phone and my PBR. I had a green troll wig, green makeup for my nose, and my “Parental Advisory: I’m a Troll” shirt.

I started off at Bardog and then went over to the Blind Bear. Late afternoon I started to get hungry, and I realized I hadn’t had a steak at the Majestic Grille in a while. I got the Gorgonzola-encrusted 8 oz. filet, medium rare, with garlic mashed potatoes and a side of sauteed mushrooms. Steaks at the Majestic are really, really good.

The only thing I’m a bit mad at myself about is, I paid full price for my dinner! Every December, the Majestic has a half-price gift card sale. You can pay $25 and get a $50 gift card, and you can get as many as you want. There are some restrictions – you can’t purchase alcohol with them, and you can’t use them until the new year. Still, though, the gift card sale is one of the best deals going Downtown. Right around the time of last year’s gift card sale, I paid cash for a car, nearly emptying my bank account. So I didn’t buy any gift cards. Not repeating that mistake this year! I’ve got a friend who is working from home that day so he can go to the gift card sale, which is always on a Wednesday. I’m going to give him $125 which will get turned into $250 of Majestic dining. That’ll get me some steak days in 2018!

The Hail Mary that was a metaphor for the University of Tennessee athletic program, its coach, and its fans:

My prediction is that Butch “He Means Well, But…” Jones will survive one more week, then after the Vols lose to Southern Miss it’ll be time to pull the plug.

John Paul Keith plays Loflin Yard’s Front Porch Series today at 3.

Tonight is the annual Kooky Canuck Halloween party. This is one of the best Halloween parties Downtown. 10 PM start time.

Off to Sunday brunch at the Blind Bear. Back tomorrow with more news.