Sunday update

I learned one of the great secrets of life yesterday: Sit next to a vegetarian when her group orders breakfast shots.

A breakfast shot is a shot of whiskey, immediately followed by a shot of orange juice, followed by a piece of bacon. All together, it tastes like a pancake with syrup.

Of course, the vegetarian didn’t do the bacon part of the shot. So I got her bacon. :)

I got to go to Carolina Watershed for a second time last night. Our friend Tony was feeling kind of sad because his boo thang Rahul is out of town this weekend. So my friends Staci, Darin, and B-RAD and I took him to Carolina Watershed to cheer him up. While there, we met Valerie and Ashley, who wanted to be on my blog.

I looked over Watershed’s menu. They had nachos – PORK RIND nachos. I’m a big fan of getting creative with nachos, but using pork rinds as chips? No can do.

Red Rover has an opening for a seasoned account manager for a person looking to jump their career to an entirely new level. This person would be acting as an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer for three to five key accounts.

The State of the Union Drinking Game website hasn’t updated its 2018 rules yet and the speech is this Tuesday. The best alternative I can find is here. Really, I guess the only rule is, Donald Trump is president, so drink, drink, drink.

Another day without Fireball. I went into a deep, deep sleep last night, the likes of which I have not experienced in a long time. It has become downright easy to refuse that horrible stuff. When my friends take a round of shots without me, I don’t feel left out in the least. They understand.

WWE Royal Rumble predictions: Surprise entrant Ronda Rousey eliminates Asuka to win the women’s Rumble. Brock Lesnar pins Kane to retain in a three-way also involving Braun Strowman. Roman Reigns wins the men’s Rumble, eliminating surprise entrant the Undertaker.

Off to do the Sunday thing. Back tomorrow with more news.