Monday Oysters @ Brass Door and other news

Every Monday from 3 PM until they run out, Brass Door has $1 oysters. You can get them either raw or the chargrilled flavor of the week  The oysters are Chesapeake Bay “Sweet Jesus” oysters and are so named because they are hard to shuck. They are worth it though.

Oysters on the raw with crackers and all the trimmings.

My troll jumped right in (in ice cold waters) and prepared herself an oyster with cocktail sauce and horseradish.

We also got 6 chargrilled oysters marinated in honey chipotle BBQ sauce.

Guinness is $4 on Mondays from 3 until the oysters run out. Yes I deviated from my PBR diet to have one.

I was still hungry after the oysters, so I ordered a bar snack (available at the bar only 3-6 PM weekdays): Irish sausage in puff pastry with Dijon.

During happy hour they have homemade chips. These are handmade potato chips, not hand-cut fries which are also called chips. Irish lingo can be confusing.

New Memphis Tigers license plate coming soon!

Dr. Rudd the U of M president is such a cool guy.

There will be street closings in The Edge related to renovation of the Wonder Bread building: Old Madison (exit off Danny Thomas) and Lauderdale from Old Madison to Monroe will be closed for a couple of years.

The Hamilton Law Firm is offering discounted St. Patrick’s Day Uber rides so you won’t have to use their DUI services. Sign up and get a code for $5 off an Uber that night.

Country music songwriters will have a showcase at the Orpheum April 27. Performers include Trent Tomlinson, Marshall Altman, and Matt Warren. They will be performing acoustic sets and talking about the hit singles they wrote in an intimate dialogue with the audience.

During Sunday brunch I was sitting next to a vegan and he was asked what his favorite things to eat Downtown were. The first item he named was Bardog’s Monster Vegetarian Burrito. Although not a vegan or vegetarian myself, I have to agree. It’s a huge meal, delicious, and full of protein and nutrients. It is also inexpensive.

My new vegan friend told me he runs a site called Tasteful Exotic Toys (caution: NSFW) and does fun parties around town. Check out his site if you’re into that kind of stuff.

Loflin Yard has posted its St. Patrick’s Day plans. Green beer, Irish food specials including corned beef, cornhole, mini-golf.

That’ll do it for now. I have reason to believe my days among the unemployed are numbered, so I need to get out there and get things done. Back tomorrow (hopefully) with more news.