Cerrito Bingo @ Loflin Yard

Yesterday I led off at Blind Bear for Hung Over Like a Bear brunch, then about 2 I wandered down Main to Pontotoc Lounge for D-RANKS with B-RAD. After he got off, Brad told me, “A bunch of us are going to Loflin Yard. Do you want to come?”

“I’ll come if Tony promises to keep at least 5 feet away at all times,” I replied. Our friend Tony has a habit of getting a bit too handsy when he’s had a few drinks and his favorite mens are around. Tony agreed and I rode with Brad in his truck.

Got an unexpected surprise when we got to Loflin Yard: Cerrito Bingo was happening!

Kevin Cerrito hosts bingo various days and nights around town, and Sunday is Loflin’s day. I got a card and started playing.

The front yard. Such a nice place to hang out when the weather gets warm.


My bingo card. Kevin plays several variations: standard rules, can’t use the free space in the middle, standard + four corners counts, and cover the card. There were 10 rounds and most of the prizes were items from Loflin’s menu: free order of wings, free brunch, stuff like that. The last two rounds, though, were for Loflin gift cards. Fun way to spend a Sunday. The great thing about bingo is, it doesn’t require a whole lot of mental effort. If you can count to 75, you can play.

The drink menu. One of the reasons I haven’t been to Loflin Yard a lot lately is because in my first two visits, they didn’t have PBR. Now they do. They have some great local and regional beers on draft too.

Giant Connect Four game in the front yard.

Even Dutch likes Loflin Yard.

Dutch liked the back yard too.

The menu

I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Several employees came up to me and said, “We’re so glad you’re here and we hope you will start coming more often.” It’s nice to be appreciated. I will try to get down that way more.

Here’s the complete Cerrito Trivia/Bingo schedule.  Play at Loflin Yard 5-7 every Sunday.

I have Monday news to report, but… I’m out of lunch hour! I’ll get a post up around 5:45 PM after I get home, so check back.