Thursday update

Yesterday I again decided to make it an early day at Bardog, catching up with day bartender Bloom and hearing what her kids got for Christmas. While sitting at the bar my phone rang once again.

It was my friend Rahul. “Paul, I demand a retraction and an apology,” he said. “You put on your blog that me and Tony are going to the Drag & Dinner show at Rizzo’s at 8 PM Sunday. That’s not true. I demand a retraction.”

Rahul continued, “Me and Tony aren’t going, but our lady friends Hula Girl and Marie Antoinette are. Marie Antoinette is going to bring a paper fan to cool herself off. Hula Girl is going to wear a grass skirt and has hair extensions she bought out of the vending machine at Wolfchase Galleria.” My. They sound lovely.

While I was at Bardog, I confirmed that they will open at their normal time of 8 AM on New Year’s Day. Most bars generally open at their normal time that day, but a few that blow it out big with a party on New Year’s Eve will wait until the evening to open on the 1st. I consider New Year’s Eve to be Amateur Night and will not be out. I’ll get to bed early and get a good night’s sleep so I can be at Bardog at 8 when the professionals celebrate the New Year.

Comedy is coming to the Crosstown Brewery taproom this Friday at 7:30. The Comma Comedians will perform, featuring a variety of local and out of town acts, in a free show. As an added bonus, my friends from the New Wing Order food truck will be selling their delicious wings, tacos, fries, and other goodies on site.

Ghost River wraps up its holiday movie night series tonight at the taproom with It’s a Wonderful Life tonight at 7. Two Girls and a Whip will be there with assorted cupcakes to sweeten your movie watching experience. If you want to grab dinner before you have dessert, the Asian Cajun food truck will be on site.

This is awesome: You can help Lyft provide ride credit for St. Jude families. Raising your ride cost to the next nearest dollar will provide funds to transport patient families for free. I will gladly do that next time I take a Lyft.

Well, that’s all the news I can find. It’s a slow time of the year. Welcome to all the Missouri and Oklahoma State fans coming into town for Monday’s game. Back tomorrow with more news.