Pastrami hash @ Pontotoc Lounge and Monday news

After a couple of weeks’ absence at Pontotoc Lounge’s Sunday brunch, I was back yesterday, and I brought my appetite (and my troll). Several new items were added to the brunch menu at the end of January, and I wanted to give one of them a try. After two other people at B-RAD’s bar ordered the pastrami hash, I decided to make that my breakfast as well.

The pastrami is house-made, as are many of their meats. Brad told me they sous-vide the pastrami so it doesn’t get super salty. It’s served in a skillet with potato hash, topped with two fried eggs. A delicious start to a Sunday at Pontotoc. It’s served in a hot skillet and I had to wait a couple of minutes to take a photo so the troll could stand next to it without melting.

Another person sitting near me got the hangover Benedict, in which poached eggs sit atop Memphis pulled pork. That looked quite good too and it my have to be my next stop on the menu. Also new to the menu are a quiche of the day, a waffle French toast of the day, and a vegetarian-friendly frittata of the day. There’s also a yogurt granola berry parfait. They’re not new to the menu, but I’ll mention their drink specials as well: The mimosas have a taste of cognac in them, and the Bloody Mary recipe is made with duck fat.

Public service announcement:

The Brass Door will be closed today for Presidents Day. At first read, that seemed like kind of a weird day to close, but I guess not, given that it is located near several banks. I guess a lot of the people who would normally come in for breakfast or lunch on Monday have today off.

I frequently link to statistical analysis website FiveThirtyEight for their articles on sports and politics. However, every Friday they have a regular column that is a lot of fun. They post challenging mind games in The Riddler. Every week there is a Riddler Express for those who don’t have a lot of time, as well as a longer, classic riddle. This week’s Express is a number maze, while the Classic looks at one of the games on The Price is Right.

The New Wing Order food truck will be at Cordelia’s Market this evening from 5 to 8.

Happy Presidents Day! If Mueller releases his obstruction report today, that would be the ultimate troll job. Enjoy your day off, for those of you who have it. Back tomorrow with more news.