Thur update #2: Seafood trio from Mr. Frazier’s Fish Fry food truck

I’ve followed the Mr. Frazier’s Fish Fry food truck on Facebook for a while, and when Mr. Frazier posted that he was back Downtown on Thursdays for the Court Square food truck rodeo on Thursdays, I decided it was time to give the Fish Fry a try.

Their main menu, full of USDA farm-raised catfish, shrimp, and dirty wings, looked good, but I didn’t see the thing I’ve been told you HAVE to try there was not on that menu. Then I saw the board with today’s specials.

The Crabby Fries are the thing I’ve heard is the must-get. These are waffle fries covered in a creamy Imperial lump crab sauce. However, I also wanted to try the fish and shrimp, so the Seafood Trio was an ideal choice. I walked it home and, after Perjorie T. Roll jumped in the box, I snapped a photo.

The crabby fries are at the top of the photo and lived up to all the praise I had heard. Catfish and shrimp were good too. This was a lot of food, so I have half of it left in the refrigerator for a meal when I get home tonight.

Mr. Frazier’s Fish Fry is a great locally-owned and African-American-owned business. Check them out on Thursdays in Court Square. If you can’t make it on Thursdays, follow them on Facebook or at @MrFraziersFishfry to see where they will be the rest of the week.