BBQ and debauchery: What a great weekend!

The Moody Ques got together for a team “Meat” & Greet yesterday. It was a rainy day but we still had a good turnout, and there was plenty of delicious food.

Our pitmaster, Kris, gave a presentation. He talked about the cooking techniques our cook team used, as well as the sauce. He showed us how to pull apart pork and find “the money piece” that is the one you want to present to the judges.

Senior Deputy Director of Public Relations Perjorie T. Roll enjoyed a plate of pulled pork, beans, a jalapeno popper, avocado bacon slaw, pasta salad, potato salad, and a pepperoni roll.

We had yummy desserts too. This get-together was a preview of the goodies members can expect to find in the Moody Ques booth.

After dinner was gathered around and discussed team business: T-shirt design, liquor sponsorships, things like that. It was a very productive meeting and we’re all looking forward to this year.

View the complete photo gallery on the Moody Ques website.

It was a rainy day but a good one. I led off at the Farmers Market, and I have to say the staff and the volunteers there are so wonderful, always make me feel right at home. After that I walked over to Max’s Sports Bar for a few PBRs. Then I headed south to Loflin Yard, where I got to hang out at my friend Stacey’s bar. Then the Meat & Greet, conveniently right down the street from Loflin, then got a Lyft to Blind Bear for their ’90s party.

The party won’t stop today either, as debauchery is the name of the game on Beale Street. Today is Beale Street Wine Race, when employees of local bars and restaurants compete in four events:

  • An opening parade, where all the teams line up and march into Handy Park. Best entrance/float wins the prize.
  • Queen of the Vine, a beauty pageant. Girls from the participating bars and restaurants shake their stuff and answer questions asked by an emcee. Over the years it has been proved that keeping it classy is the way to win. Although, now and then there is a wardrobe malfunction. Weatherbug is calling for a temperature of 49 with a northwest wind at 1 PM, the usual starting time for QOTV where many of the competitors will have bikinis on. Yikes.
  • A grape stomp. Each contestant gets a tub of grapes, and whoever produces the most juice in the allotted time wins.
  • A four-person wine relay. The first person opens a bottle of wine, puts it on a tray, and runs to the other end. There a second person opens a second bottle of wine, adds it to the tray, and runs back. Same for the third and fourth person and the third and fourth bottle of wine. Both speed and how much wine was spilled are accounted for in the final scoring.

Despite the cold weather, this event is always a lot of fun to watch. Pro tip: On the race route, there is a bar called Wet Willie’s that serves a daiquiri called a Call-a-Cab. You should get one, with two caveats: Absolutely do not drive after drinking this drink, and drinking more than one can lead to all kinds of bad behavior and possibly a trip to 201.

Time to get this day started and get ready to cheer for Team Blind Bear! Back tomorrow with more news.