Saturday update

Well, we had our first snafu with the BBQ team. A few weeks ago we designed the T-shirts, with our Moody Ques logo on the front and an Elvis theme on the back, with the words “Love Meat Tender.” The design was posted to our discussion board, and a couple of us commented, “Hold up, I think that might be the name of another BBQ team.” We did a little research and went back to the drawing board.

We changed the slogan on the back to “Rub Meat Tender,” sent the shirt design to the printer, and the shirts are in the team bags I’m handing out this weekend and early next week. Memphis in May released a park map with the names of all the teams and their booth locations. Guess what?

Rub Meat Tender is the name of a team too.


At least they’re not another shoulder team, close to us in location. They’re way down the park from us in ribs. And at least we didn’t enter the design in Best T-Shirt. We’ve never entered that competition because if you use the words “Memphis in May” on the shirts, you have to pay a licensing fee to the festival – and it’s well-known that any shirt without “Memphis in May” on it will be very unlikely to be considered for the winning spot.

I guess it will give the team down the walk from us something to gossip about though…

Yesterday was a good day for Penny Hardaway and Memphis Tigers men’s basketball. Four-star combo guard Lester Quinones chose Memphis over Indiana yesterday. That gives Penny five recruits in the incoming class rated 4-stars or higher, giving Penny a recruiting class said to be in top 5 or 6. It’s also believed that Penny isn’t done and that Quinones’ signing could cause other dominoes to fall in Memphis’ direction.

The May South Main Association meeting has been announced for Swanky’s Taco Shop in the Chisca building for Tuesday, May 14. Hear from the GM what to expect in the upcoming months (patio concerts were mentioned) and what makes this Swanky’s location special. Start time is 6 PM, although the first 30 minutes are usually social time before the program begins.

This weekend won’t break the streak either, as you know if you’ve looked out the window the past couple of days. That’s OK – for all I care it can do whatever it wants this weekend for weather, as far as Wednesday through Saturday of next week look good. Every extended forecast I’ve seen shows little chance of rain, no temperature below 60, and no temperature above 85. That will be perfect if it holds up!

T-shirt giveaway at AutoZone Park next Saturday:

Bluff City Mafia will move up their march time from Brass Door to the park that day so that those marching with them will get there in time to get a shirt.

Also from Memphis 901 FC, check out this offer that combines a special game, flexibility, and a nice price.

Tin Roof will host a Cajun shrimp and crawfish boil Saturday, June 9 from noon to 11 PM. Sylvester Crawfish Farms will drive the crawfish up from Louisiana. DJ Epic, DJ Snow and DJ Desire will spin the tunes. $27 for 5 lbs. June is the end of crawfish season and the ‘bugs should be huge by then.

Cheers to the Green Beetle for doing the right thing. Tomorrow, they will delay their opening until 4 PM so that their employees will be able to spend time with their mothers on Mother’s Day.

Sunrise Memphis over on Jefferson will run Mother’s Day brunch specials today and tomorrow. They will be crab cake benedict, and banana bread French toast topped with candied pecans.

The Grizzlies are seeking a Promotions and Marketing Intern. (Damn, that is the longest URL I’ve ever seen in my life)

The Redbirds are back at AutoZone Park tonight, first pitch at 6:35 with gates opening at 5:00. The first 1000 fans in the gate get an “I Love Memphis” Redbirds T-shirt. $2 beers in the left field bar until the first pitch time. It’s Teacher Appreciation Night, and of course it will be Fireworks Saturday following the game.

From the Washington Post: The XFL plans to change football and avoid the AAF’s fate. There are innovations being discussed including radically changing kickoffs, providing an opportunity for a 9-point play on a touchdown, and an overtime that resembles soccer penalty kick shootouts. The league was founded by WWE’s Vince McMahon and is being run by Oliver Luck (Andrew’s father).

St. Jude has opportunities for you to volunteer at the hospital.

The Memphis Chicken and Beer Festival returns to the Liberty Bowl Saturday, August 3.

Huge beer news this week: Boston Beer, maker of Samuel Adams beers, acquired fellow brewery Dogfish Head. Fortune has a look at what this means for the future of craft beer.

In other beer news, scientists can now explain the cascade of bubbles in a pint of Guinness.

Changing things up today and making my first Saturday stop the Blind Bear rather than Bardog. I’m in charge of team bag handout, and noon to 4 today is my first of three sessions doing handout. Teammates, feel free to stay a while and try the Hung Over Like a Bear brunch menu which runs until 6. $3 mimosas, Bloody Marys, moonshine, and Fireball until 6 as well.

Back tomorrow probably. I may do my usual “how to enjoy BBQ Fest if you’re not on a team” post.