I got 12 hours sleep last night and hoped I would feel better today. I do… a little. However, my throat is still scratchy, my nose is still running a bit, I’m still coughing and hacking up phlegm, and my vision is a bit off – in particular, looking at things that are brightly lit (like this computer screen) is uncomfortable. I feel a bit out of it despite all the sleep, and I’m running a fever although a very slight one. I don’t think I am contagious so I will probably still go out for a little while late this afternoon. I will keep an eye on my temperature and if it hits 100 I will reconsider going out.

I really, really, really don’t want to retire from the BBQ team. It gives me so much joy throughout the year and especially the week of the festival. However, what it does to my allergies the week after is devastating. If I were working I’d have had to take two sick days. At some point I have to ask myself, is this worth it?

If there’s a news post today it will be up between 2 and 4, same as yesterday.