Tuesday update

Look what I got to try yesterday!

PBR Hard Coffee! A friend of mine brought some back from out of town and gave me one. The description I’ve heard is correct: It tastes like a Yoo-hoo, more a chocolate taste than a taste of coffee. It was good though. I would buy a 4-pack if Downtown convenience stores sold them. Perjorie T. Roll thought the Mountain Dew we had for breakfast was better because it was the same color as her hair.

From Aldo’s Pizza Pies Downtown Facebook:

Get a complimentary $10 gift card with any Aldo’s Downtown delivery order over $30! Also, get 20% off all gift card purchases at both Aldo’s locations. *Gift cards have no expiration date and are redeemable after Aug. 1*

Old Dominick is getting creative with its sealed, single-serving to-go bags. These were being sold at Max’s Sports Bar yesterday:

They brought back the Dreamsicle slushie flavor by popular request, and they still have Purple Drank at Max’s.

Spindini at 385 S. Main has responded to the coronavirus pandemic with a fantastic innovation: They have converted the space into South Main Grocery. They will be open to the public daily at 10 AM, with a special hour for first responders and health care workers 8-9 AM, and a special hour for seniors 60 and over 9-10 AM. Free roll of toilet paper, while they last, with purchases of $40 and up. Here’s what you’ll find at the grocery:

  • Filet steaks
  • Extra thick pork chops
  • Chicken breasts
  • Shrimp
  • Milk, both whole and 2%
  • Bread
  • Assorted dry pasta
  • Rice
  • Assorted dry beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Squash
  • Onions
  • Oranges
  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Potatoes
  • Cases of bottled water

Spindini’s grocery is also selling the following meal kits:

  • Large pans of lasagna
  • Pre-smoked baby back ribs
  • Gourmet easy bake pizzas
  • Pasta and sauce combinations

The Daily Memphian has started a Kindness Blog to spread the good news about things happening in our community.

South of Beale is advertising that they have the “same amazing menu, new amazing prices” for carry-out and delivery.

New clothing trend: Selling “I Wasn’t There” T-shirts for events that got canceled.

The Tokyo Summer Olympic Games are postponed until 2021. National teams including Canada and Australia had already said they would pull out if the 2020 Olympics went on as scheduled.

Effective yesterday, First Horizon will see people in bank lobbies by appointment only, and only for new accounts, loans, investments, and service requests. Those wishing to deposit or withdraw will be directed to ATMs or to mobile banking.

Medium.com has a coronavirus blog with some really good stories. That site is normally subscriber-only but they are making their coronavirus content free.

Yesterday’s Daily Memphian coronavirus blog reported that Old Dominick will create up to 10,000 units of hand sanitizer. These units will be distributed to lower-income communities and the homeless population, and will also be given away at Shelby County food distribution sites.

River Time Market & Deli will be closed for the time being. Makes sense as many of their regular customers are now working from home.

Well, the coronavirus crisis has now hit me personally. No, not health-wise… I haven’t tested positive or been in contact with anyone who has. However, the project I was working on has been temporarily put at hold, so I now find myself bored at home 24 hours a day rather than 20. Don’t worry, I am okay financially in the near future.

The apartment building said they’re only making “essential” repairs for the time being, to minimize risk of virus spread. Is asking for Freon to be added to an air conditioning unit when it’s going to 81 later this week essential? I have a feeling it’s not, but I really like air conditioning, especially when I’m going to be home all day. Of course, the downside of having a repairman come over is that I have to wear pants.

That’s it for now. Back later today or tomorrow with more news. Downtown restaurants are welcome to tag me in any social media posts announcing specials, and will get those specials on the blog as quickly as I can.