House arrest day 29 (Fri)

During this quarantine period, I’ve tried to shine a spotlight on those who have innovated; those who have adapted what they do for a living to survive and thrive in these rapidly changing times. One such person I wrote about was Scott Briggs, a bartender at Downtown spot Bar Ware. After he got laid off, he got a truck and some tools and started Laid Off Lawn Care.

Please read the following tweets from Shelby County Commissioner Tami Sawyer (This is not political. PLEASE READ.)

That really sucks. Let’s show Scott that there is a lot more good in this community than bad.

Bar Ware was never really on my route, and I don’t know Scott personally to my recollection. Nevertheless, I Venmo’d him 20 bucks. To my readers, if this feels like something with which you can help, please do the same, in whatever amount you can give. We all gotta watch out for each other.

(By the way, when I help someone I usually don’t talk about it on the blog… but this is a case in which I hope I inspire copycats.)

On to the rest of the Downtown news…

For Seamus’ birthday, The Brass Door will be open this afternoon 2 PM to 6 PM for curbside pickups of fish & chips for $10 and all pints-to-go for $3 (food must be purchased with to-go beer). Call 901-572-1813 to place your order.

The Memphis Medical Center District Collaborative presents DJ Siphne, performing live from Health Sciences Park, in a virtual concert from noon to 1 today. Come listen to his grooves of hip-hop, funk and soul and imagine what a pretty day it must be outside while remaining properly socially distanced in your own prison home!

Catch DJ Spanish Fly spin the tunes in a virtual concert tonight from Central Station Hotel from 8:30-10:00. It’s the first in the Memphis Music Hub DJ Series “Spin, Groove & Move” virtual dance party. Check the Memphis Travel Facebook page for more details.

I stopped by South Main Grocery in Spindini for some grab & go meals yesterday.

Mendatius T. Roll is excited about digging into some red beans & rice at  lunch today. Five bucks for a big container of Cajun food is all right with me!

If I have any readers from Jonesboro out there, Felicia Suzanne’s takeout is coming to you Sunday.

As if we needed one more reason to hate Ticketmaster:

That’s it for now. Posts may be slightly slow this weekend because I’m on page 700 of an 820 page book and trying to finish it becfore my free trial runs out next week.