House arrest day 43 (Friday)

We’ll start off COVID-19 openings, not-openings, and specials for next week. For the next couple of days I will post individual plans as I become aware of them, then after the weekend is over I will do a Monday update post (note that I did not say a “House arrest day 46” post) where I will summarize all of the plans (dine-in open, take-out only, or closed) that I am aware of. Downtown Memphis businesses, email me at or hit me up on Facebook if you have opening/not opening info you want me to include.

I have one additional comment about the reopening that I am going to hold until tomorrow.

From the Flying Saucer:

Hey y’all! We are super excited to let you know that we are following all the CDC guidelines and working our tails off in order to get the restaurant ready for our reopening on Monday. We will be operating at 50% capacity and practicing social distancing. We can’t wait to see y’all! 😘🍻

Blind Bear plans to re-open Monday and is currently polling its customer base as to what the hours should be. Visit them on Facebook if you want to vote in the polls.

From the zoo:

Many of Beale Street’s clubs and restaurants will re-open next week, but they will have to do so without live music.

One of the best things about living in Memphis is that you can go kayaking in the Wolf River Harbor off Mud Island. Bass Pro has a basic guide to kayaking for those looking to give this adventure a try.

Yep that’s a thing: coffin pool floats

Also a thing: booze pinatas

Here’s a much needed infographic about COVID-19 in Shelby County. You say there were 81 new cases yesterday, as opposed to 38 the day before? Well, that tells us nothing. If the number of new cases doubled while the number of tests done remained the same, that’s a problem. However, if the number of new cases doubled but testing quadrupled, that’s very positive. Those two pieces of data need to always be presented together, and haven’t been most of the time numbers have been reported.

From Mashable: How to check your work computer to see if your employer has installed a keylogger to spy on you. Note that you don’t have a whole lot of rights if you discover there is one. You could always let that keylogger pick up the keystrokes of your resignation letter.

The USL has an update on the league’s suspension of activities. This is the league in which Memphis 901 FC plays.

Eyes turn to the Arkansas Derby this weekend since the Kentucky Derby has been postponed.

Z-bo won’t be coming to Memphis next month. The BIG3 season opening event at FedExForum has been canceled. Refund info

Here’s the menu for LUNCHBOXeats Lunch Lady’s Comfort Kitchen today through Sunday.

The temporary COVID-19 hospital being renovated at 495 Union could see uses other than treating the cornavirus.

Today would have been the first day of Music Fest. I don’t miss the festival but I sure miss the truck that parks near the Elvis statue and sells turkey legs.

That’s it for now. It’s still early in the morning, so I’ll do a second post today if I need to.