Thursday update

Big festival news the past 24 hours: Cooper-Young Fest, normally held the second or third weekend of September, has been rescheduled to October 31 out of concerns over COVID-19. That festival draws a huge crowd and I don’t see how they could enforce any kind of distancing. Perhaps they think holding it on Halloween will hold down the crowd size.

The DM reports that Rhodes College is planning around the fall pandemic with a condensed schedule. Classes will start on August 26 and will go straight through to Thanksgiving break, with classes on Labor Day and only a one-day fall break to discourage students from traveling and potentially bringing the coronavirus back to campus. After Thanksgiving, the last few days of classes and exams will be held online.

Huey’s Downtown opened its dining room yesterday.

New local business that is worth your support: Mane St. Provisions. They offer fine sauces, meats, pickles, and more, all made with local ingredients.

The Daily Memphian has coverage of saxophonist Dr. Herman Green’s 90th birthday parade which happened yesterday.

Sandwiches have been brought back to the menu at Aldo’s Pizza Pies.

Cossitt Library will host a virtual “ANY” book club tonight on Zoom from 6 to 7. Bring the book you’ve been reading, or one you recently finished, and tell the group about it. Register here

River Time Market & Deli on the south side of Court Square recently updated its menu boards. Let’s have a look:

I found out how the salad bar at Texas de Brazil works post-quarantine. They give you a list of everything on it, and you check off the items you want and they retrieve it for you. This avoids mass handling of serving utensils.

This is your last chance to order from Edge Alley for a little while. Owner Tim Barker plans to close the restaurant for the month of June, providing time to spruce it up in anticipation of a July 1 reopening. (h/t Edible Memphis for the info)

That’s the news for today. I plan on watching the COVID-19 task force press conference before heading out. I’ll be back with details from that and more news tomorrow.