Saturday update: Goodbye Yao’s and welcome back Slider Inn

Yesterday as I walked down the Main Street Mall, I saw kitchen equipment being hauled out of Yao’s China Bistro at Main and Gayoso. I saw a range, a Coca-Cola refrigerator, and a vent-a-hood. Yesterday I speculated on Facebook that they could be closing, and a nearby business owner just confirmed it and said she bought some stuff from them.

The Downtown Slider Inn is back today!

Guess what? We’re #BackDowntown. 🙌

The Slider Inn fam is so excited to welcome you back tomorrow (Saturday, 5/30)! Obviously, re-opening comes with necessary adjustments. The grassy Slider Out lot will function as the main bar (with a shaded seating area), and the inside dining room, Courtyard, and Garage Bar will remain closed. Important info:

– Bar/TapBox hours: 10am-10pm daily
– Kitchen hours: 11am-9pm daily
– Social distancing protocol will be enforced (>6ft, you know the drill)

Atomic Rose posted this yesterday:

We can’t wait to see you all very soon! We are still closed as dance clubs in the city of Memphis are not allowed to open yet! Stay tuned and we will see you soon for a big grand re-opening!

Central BBQ got a mention on the TODAY show this week. The show looked at 11 restaurant meal kits you can make at home, and Central’s ribs & pulled pork dinner for 4 made the list. I surprised my mom with this kit for her birthday in 2015, and she loved it. It comes with your choice of dry rub and your choice of sauce.

Seen on Facebook yesterday: A T-shirt that said “Flush the Turd November Third”

For those of you who need some good news in your lives, check out this site: Beautiful News Daily

In case I have any Karens who read this blog: How to complain and get results

Kind of a short post today. That’s it for now, back tomorrow.