Monday update

Miss RAWK’n Grub’s food? You’ll be able to get a couple of popular items tomorrow at The Vault, 124 G.E. Patterson. Check out these two posts from Chef Steph Cook:

Ok groupies it’s been a minute since we’ve posted as a lot of new things are in the works for a new location but in the meantime our friends at The VAULT on GE Patterson have graciously allowed us to satisfy our fans tastebuds to serve special burgers, sandwiches and some classic hits. So this Tuesday July 7, we will feature The Big Popper and Swiss You Were Here Burgers. Thanks for everyone’s patience while we regroup and get situated in our next place. We’ll post pics and deets of the burger and logistics. RAWK ON!!!

The Big Popper! 8oz of our special grind, Angus Chuck, Brisket, Tenderloin, Short Rib, stuffed with a Jalapeño Popper, yes a Popper IN a burger. Topped with Provolone, Pepperjack, Cream Cheese with diced jalapeños, Bacon and Hot Sauce, Arugula tossed in Bacon Jam Vinaigrette. This is available by calling or texting your order to 901-728-2660 and pickup at The Vault on 124 G.E. Patterson. Come in and grab a local brew or curbside if you prefer. Also available is the Swiss You Were Here Burger. Hope to see allot of our regular groupies and some new ones Tuesday!

In other food news, I want to pass along a recommendation from a friend of mine: He says that the $5 breakfast sandwiches at Loflin Yard’s Sunday brunch are delicious and they fill you up.

Regarding policing each other on masking and social distancing, this is not a terrible idea:

Flooding at Loflin Yard yesterday:

Up in my neck of the woods – I can see the intersections of Second and Monroe and Main and Monroe from my windows – it was blowing sheets of pea-sized hail sideways for more than 5 minutes. I haven’t seen a hailstorm like that in many years. Thank goodness the pellets were small.

That’s it for now. Back to work on Monday after a dull weekend. Back tomorrow.