Thursday update: Power outage on Main

Looks like there’s a power outage on South Main Street. Blind Bear has posted a sign in their window that they will be closed until 2 PM. A commenter said it’s out in the area of Main and Pontotoc too. It’s working in my block of Main, between Madison and Monroe. Nothing on Nextdoor about it so far, so maybe it’s not too widespread.

Blue Monkey Downtown has reopened and the hot wing egg rolls were said to be flying out the kitchen window yesterday because there were so many orders.

It’s official: Varsity Spirit, a company that runs band and cheerleading camps, has signed its lease to move to the Snuff District in the far north part of Downtown.

Memphians turned out last night to a special movie screening at the Orpheum in memory of Chadwick Boseman. Apologies for not alerting you to this event before it happened; by the time I became aware of the event, it had “full capacity reached” on social media listings. COVID RUINS EVERYTHING!

The NCAA is discussing “bubbles” similar to the NBA playoffs bubble for the 2020-2021 college basketball season. How’s that going to work when those kids are required to attend classes? It’s like everyone is practically admitting that “going to classes” is nothing more than checking a box on athletic department compliance forms.

The 2020-21 Broadway season at the Orpheum has been rescheduled again and will now run into 2022. We live in strange times.

7:31 AM: Now I have a text from a friend saying that there were many fire trucks at the intersection of Main and Gayoso around 5:30 this morning. Not sure if this is related to the power outage. The TV stations don’t have anything about the outage on their websites and nobody has posted about it on Nextdoor. Going to go ahead and hit Publish since this is time-sensitive news. If I hear anything in the next hour I’ll post an update. Otherwise, I’ll either be back this afternoon with a COVID-19 press conference recap or tomorrow morning with more news.

Updated 7:34: Friend could smell smoke at Main and Gayoso when fire trucks were there around 5:30. Power was still on when trucks left. Trolleys are running. Light at Main and Union is out.

Update 7:40: Nextdoor post says the fire was at Van Vleet Flats.

Update 8:33: Power said to be out as far south as G.E. Patterson. Confirmed from a resident there was a fire at Van Vleet.