Friday update

I sure miss normal.

I knocked off work at 8:58 PM, the first day so far on which I published two new articles to Medium. I wanted to go out, grab a seat at the bar, grab 3 beers, catch up with the bartenders and watch whatever sports are on TV, not order food since I already ate, hang out until 11:45 or so and go to bed.

Of course I can’t do that, as per Health Directive No. 11. So sick of all this.

This weekend, a new outdoor dining space will spring up in South Main. Huling has been closed off between Main and Wagner, and a dining area will be installed there, next to Puck Food Hall. It will provide socially distanced seating for Puck diners as well as diners from Grecian Gourmet and the soul food restaurant across the street.

If Makeda’s Cookies were a person, it could legally drink today. Stop by their Downtown location at 488 S. Second today and tell them Cheers to 21 Years!

That’s not the only business birthday we have to celebrate today, either. As your number-one source of news and information about The Edge District, it is my pleasure to inform you that today is Boxlot’s first birthday. Boxlot is the shipping container shopping mall set up the parking lot in the 600 block of Monroe. There will be free giveaways and you can shop Mo’s Bows, Kickspins, and MEMFOLK. 6:30-8:30 PM celebration. Must RSVP here.

Nashville is moving to Phase 3 October 1 and its bars can increase capacity starting today. As a friend posted last night, must be nice.

That brings me to the COVID-19 Thursday press conference recap, which will be brief because I was having connection problems.

Health Department Director Dr. Haushalter said that we are seeing a spike in cases following Labor Day, as expected. She said that numbers coming in today and over the weekend will be critical. Therefore, no steps toward reopening will be taken until next week.

Dr. H said it is critical that if your organization knows of a confirmed case of COVID-19, it needs to be reported to the Health Department immediately, so that quarantine, isolation, and contact tracing can be put in place to slow the additional spread of the virus. She said that although the incubation period of the virus is typically 14 days, those who are hospitalized may require an extra 5 to 10 days.

Dr. H stressed that there is abundant testing, and David Sweat reiterated that there are more than 10,000 slots. If you feel like there is a chance you might have picked up COVID-19, you are encouraged to go get tested even if you have no known link to a confirmed case.

There were some changes to the way that data is reported, involving “de-duplication,” that have driven the positivity rate up slightly. Dr. H said she is less concerned about the rising positivity rate than the rising number of new cases. Shelby County had 293 new cases yesterday which is more than we’ve seen for one day in some time.

Jimbo from Mempho with a reminder about testing:

Local ag-tech company Indigo Ag has been working with Dogfish Head brewery on “the greenest beer” Dogfish Head “has ever brewed.” The brewery releases Re-Gen-Ale tomorrow.

A “Better Jefferson” project has emerged from the pandemic. It will focus on changes to the thoroughfare that runs from Riverside Drive through the medical district and out to Cleveland Street in Crosstown. The city’s bike and pedestrian program manager said “some lanes of traffic could be eliminated.”

ATTN. RANDY: School of Rock presents an online event, Billy Joel vs. Elton John, tonight 6:00-7:30.

WHO DAT! Loflin Yard will have a watch party for the Saints vs. Raiders game Monday with a shrimp boil and beer specials.

That’s it for this post. Off to work, then home where I will try to crank out another Medium article. If I get the article done I might consider a Blind Bear trip for dinner. Back tomorrow with more news.