Monday update


Memphis dominated Mississippi State to bring home the NIT championship, and I owe Penny and the team an apology by dismissingly referring to the tournament winner as The Best of the Rest this past weekend.

This has been a season where COVID threw everything off-kilter. Memphis had multiple chances taken away to craft an appealing resume to present to the NCAA tournament committee. Yesterday, the NIT commentators said several times, if Memphis had been invited to March Madness, they could very well be alive in the Sweet Sixteen or Elite Eight. Based on the ballgame I saw yesterday, I would completely agree. Those kids have made so much progress from the team I watched play Thanksgiving weekend.

There’s not one senior on this year’s roster, so Memphis could have all of the team, or at least almost all of it (not sure about Deandre Williams’ prospects of entering the draft) next year.

I listened to the police scanner last night to see if they were doing anything to combat violations related to Sunday afternoon cruising Downtown. I did, in fact, hear quite a few calls from the Union and Riverside area. Also, the police helicopter was in the air, flying low over Downtown in the 4 PM hour.

Limited tickets for BBQ Fest go on sale today. Note that you must purchase tickets in advance this year. They won’t be sold at the gate.

There will be a tree tour of Elmwood Cemetery Saturday at noon. There are over 1400 trees on the grounds, some of which pre-date the cemetery’s opening. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended, and masks are requested. Event will be canceled if rain. $20.

Last Monday I was feeling slight effects from my first COVID vaccine and that kinda threw my entire week off. This Monday morning I am wide awake and ready to kick some ass.

Arkansas vs. Baylor, 8:57 PM, CBS. Go Hogs. Back tomorrow with more news.