Monday update

Jennifer Biggs of the DM has an awesome article about the Craft Food & Wine Festival, which returns to The Columns at One Commerce Square Sunday with 3 PM and 6 PM time slots available. The festival is organized by Cristina McCarter, a local entrepreneur. You may have seen her conducting food tours at restaurants like Pontotoc Lounge and Rizzo’s. Cristina also owns Feast & Graze, creating custom, hand-delivered charcuterie boards. If you’re a foodie, I highly recommend you buy a ticket and check this out.

The festival is unique in that it features more than just restaurants – it puts the spotlight on locally-produced artisanal food products. Arbo’s cheese dip and Mane Street Provisions are two products/producers you may have heard of.

Christina and her business partner Lisa Brown also own City Tasting Box, which delivers boxes of curated Memphis artisanal products right to your door. Check out this StyleBlueprint article on City Tasting Box.

Travel website Van Life Wanderer asks, is Memphis safe?

The Grizzlies host the Houston Rockets tonight at 7.

A woman is accused of hitting and biting a police officer following an incident at the Green Room on Beale Street Saturday night. She is due in court today to be arraigned on charges of assault, resisting arrest, and public intoxication.

If you walk the Main Street Mall, be careful this time of year. When leaves cover the ground, it can be easy to miss a loose brick or a hole in the ground where there’s a tree planter.

The Memphis women’s soccer team defeated LSU 3-0 to advance in the NCAA tournament. Next up is No. 1 seed Duke, apparently as good at soccer as they are at basketball, on Friday.

I’m the password at the Blind Bear this Friday, so feel free to drop my name at the door (“Paul sent me”) to get a few bucks knocked off your cover charge that evening. They have a house band on Fridays, the Albert King Jr. Band, that plays 8-12. They do a great job setting the speakeasy mood, and from 9-11 they’re the backing band for Velvetina’s Speakeasy Burlesque.

I have to comment, Velvetina has devised a classy way of soliciting tips for herself and her dancers. She leaves envelopes – “love notes from me to you” – on the bar and on each table. If you enjoy the performance and wish to leave a tip, you simply put money in the envelope and she’ll come back at the end of the night and pick it up. She also includes a CashApp address in each love note for those who prefer to tip digitally. It’s a very elegant and non-intrusive way to handle it. So, if you’ve been avoiding the burlesque shows because you were afraid you’d have performers in your face hounding you for tips all evening long, you have nothing to fear. Come on down.

From Fox 13 News: Residents voice opposition to St. Jude parking garage

Also from Fox 13: “Memphis Jookin’: The Show” is coming soon to the Orpheum

That’s it for now. Back Tuesday if this laptop cooperates.