Friday update

Happy You’re Welcome Giving Day. Yes that’s a thing. The Internet says so.

Posting this morning from Eads, TN, where I spent the night at my friends Randy and Theresa’s house. Randy is out getting his car serviced this morning and Theresa went to work, so I have the place all to myself for a couple of hours.

Check out this yummy cake we had for dessert yesterday:

It’s pecan pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and some other dessert (can’t remember what) all rolled into one. It was delicious. Randy had it shipped from Brooklyn.

Thanks to Randy and Theresa for having us all over for Turkey Day (and Ham Day as well) and for being such kind and generous hosts. I may or may not be sampling your vodka as I type this (at 7:37 AM).

Which reminds me… I found the Bible of Downtown Memphis out in Eads.

Cheers to my fellow Thanksgiving guests, Dani, Donald, and Butt Slut #1. I cannot think of 3 people I’d be happier to break bread (and do shots) with.

I accidentally called Butt Slut #1 by her real name as I hugged her goodbye and she seemed a little disappointed that I didn’t say “Happy Thanksgiving, butt slut” instead. You never can tell what makes some people happy.

Well, the basketball Tigers lost yesterday in a buzzer-beater to Seton Hall. That sucks. The Tigers play Nebraska today at 4:30. It’ll either be on ESPN2 or ESPNews.

Damn this is some good vodka. Think I’ll pour myself another…

Team USA plays England in the World Cup group stage today at 1.

I’ve been forgetting to mention that How the Grinch Stole Christmas: The Musical is ongoing this week at the Orpheum. The show is in town through Sunday.

JustLarry’s epic “intimate” variety show happens at the Clover Club tonight and tomorrow. It’s modern-day vaudeville.

It’s Ja vs. Zion as the Grizzlies host the New Orleans Pelicans tonight at 7. NBAtv will be the channel.

That’ll do it for today! As soon as Randy gets back from getting his car serviced, we’re headed Downtown to Bardog. Back tomorrow.