Ides of March update

2067 years ago today, Brutus (or “Brutusk,” as Popeye would call him) murdered Julius Caesar.

The Bardog fam invited me to participate in their NCAA bracket challenge, so I spent a good portion of the morning filling out my bracket. My choices were pretty boring: Alabama, Duke, Houston, and UCLA in the Final Four, with Bama beating Houston for the championship.

Butt Slut #1 is in the same bracket pool. Given that we have a sibling-like rivalry, I would normally root for her to lose BAD. But I’ve been told she picked the Memphis Tigers to go all the way. So, as much as it pains me to do this, I have to root for Butt Slut #1 to win, even if it means I lose.

Let’s turn our attention to Memphis’ Friday first-round opponent, the Florida Atlantic Owls. A 9 seed, they’re 31-3, AP No. 25, playing in Conference USA.

Who have they beaten?

  • Florida (76-74, November 14)
  • … And really, that’s it. That’s why they’re now just cracking the top 25 with 31 wins.

Who have they lost to?

  • Ole Miss (80-67, November 11)
  • UAB (86-77, February 2)
  • Middle Tennessee (74-70, February 16)

Verdict: This team hasn’t been truly tested all season and is entirely beatable.

In other basketball news: For the first time, I saw a definition of “mid-major” last week. A college basketball mid-major is a team that is NOT

  • In a Power 5 conference (ACC, SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12)
  • In the American Athletic Conference (so Memphis is not a mid-major)
  • In the Big East
  • Gonzaga

From Yahoo! Life: Why Bass Pro Shops hats have become urban chic

Brit Taylor has a release party for her album Kentucky Blue Saturday at South Main Sounds. The album currently sits in the Top 20 on the Americana charts. Rose Ragsdale kicks things off at 6:30.

The Blind Bear is celebrating St. Patrick’s all weekend long (Friday-Sunday) with

  • $4 Slaine
  • $6 Jameson
  • 2 for $10 Irish Car Bombs
  • $5 apple pie moonshine

It’s International Eat an Animal for PETA Day, a holiday I support one hundred percent.

It’s also National Peanut Lovers Day. Celebrate with a trip to The Peanut Shoppe at 121 S. Main.

From WREG: Woman catches burglar coming out of her Downtown apartment at 60 S. Main

The soccer World Cup is expanding from a field of 32 to 48.

Downtown residents and business owners, MPD wants you to join them for Coffee with a Cop. It’ll be at 9 AM at Bluff City Coffee, 505 S. Main on Friday, March 24. Colonel McNeil and others from the North Main Station will be there.

The 13th annual Red Boa Bash for the American Red Cross will be held on April 22 at 409 S. Main St.

That’s it for today I apologize if there are any typos I’m using a dictation app to ride the smog see you tomorrow.