Friday update

Hispanic Heritage Month on Mighty Lights:

Early voting in Shelby County elections begins today. List of polling places/hours. Downtown, your location is the Shelby County Election Commission at Second and Poplar.

If you vote early, you can vote at any location/date you want.

May I offer a recommendation? PAUL YOUNG for mayor!!!!!!

Going to Cooper-Young Fest tomorrow? Look for my friend Tre (the #baldbeardedbartender) who will have a booth there and will be selling decorative drink coasters, cutting boards, and other amazing crafts . #catchtrewhere His booth number is B-11.

Tre will be assisted by our buddy Jason. Jason would love it if you bought him a Pronto Pup. Or some peanuts to feed Steve the squirrel who lives in a tree next to Local on Main.

Thanks to Lindsey who introduced me to a word game called Connections. It’s a New York Times game like Wordle.

Memphis 28, Navy 24. It’s 10:13 Thursday night but I’m gonna go ahead and publish this as a Friday post. Possibly back in the afternoon with another.