Thursday update #2

I was going to list a bunch of road closures for Friday-Saturday for the St. Jude Marathon and try to offer advice on the best routes to take in and out of Downtown. However, it looks like MPD has even better advice – download the Waze app. Marathon organizers and MPD have partnered with Waze to bring drivers up-to-the-minute traffic and routing information.

RIP Henry Kissinger. The retired National Security Advisor and Secretary of State was 100. Kissinger was a 1973 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Bardog specials today:

  •  Chimichurri flat iron steak & home fries – 22
  •  Korean BBQ pig wings with mac & cheese – 18
  • Soup: Cream of mushroom
  • Dog: Peppers, onions, ketchup, mustard, bacon
  • Mussels: Garlic butter, white wine, tomato
  • Pecan pie
  • Pumpkin cheesecake

UGH Blind Bear will host a Tennessee Vols happy hour Wednesday, December 6.

That’s it for now. I posted a BUNCH more Thursday news about 1:00 this morning, so if you haven’t seen it, keep scrolling.