Tuesday update

It’s Fat Tuesday, but at Bardog the celebration lasts beyond today- it’s all week long. Specials you’ll find at the Dog this week:

– Boudin egg rolls

– Jambalaya

– King Cake martini

– Sazerac rye

– Anita Strawberry beer

I was in Bardog last week and the bartender Emily was telling the lunch server, “‘Mr. Do’ is supposed to stop by at some point today.” Meaning Aldo, the bar’s owner/operator, not Mr . Do, the 1982 arcade video game.

I wonder if “Mr. Do” ever played Mr. Do when he was a child? He’d be about the right age.

Also, I wonder if that video game console on the second floor of the Cossitt Library has Mr. Do among its selections.

Fat Tuesday at 8 S. Main has a full program of activities for its namesake holiday all day and evening.

I had another awesome pizza at Memphis Chess Club yesterday for lunch:

This is the Anand, the veggie version of the club’s white pizza. It has a white base but does not have a thick top layer of mozzarella on top as its meaty white brother the Carlsen does, allowing the veggies to be the stars of the show. I recommend dripping a little Louisiana hot sauce onto your slice of the Anand.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the CA has the story of 3 couples who run successful restaurants/food-producing businesses Downtown: Majestic Grille/Cocozza, Makeda’s Cookies, Raw Girls.

Currently re-reading Skip the Line by entrepreneur James Altucher. M

Grizzlies sophomore Vince Williams Jr. Is going to the NBA Rising Stars game after all. He’s been named an injury replacement.

Today is National Crab Rangoon Day.

There’s a Galentine’s Day celebration tonight 4-10 at hotel bar Talk Shop, 245 S. Front.

My replacement MacBook has arrived in Memphis. Just gotta make arrangements to get my backpack (see yesterday’s post) and pick it up.

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