National Tartar Sauce Day update

Yep, today’s the day.

A new business called Davinchi XCIX is going into the old Pearl’s OysterHouse location

Anyone got more info on Davinchy?

MPD seeks a Crime Analyst to work in the Real Time Crime Center at 600 Jefferson. I’ve been in the Center and it’s a neat place. Plus you could walk over to Sunrise for breakfast.

Attending Soup Sunday, the annual Youth Villages fundraiser, this Sunday at The Kent from 11 am to 2 pm? THIS IS NOT A DAY TO BE FASHIONABLY LATE. The most popular restaurants will run out of soup, pack up, and leave before twelve. You want to be in line to get in no later than 10:55.

I wonder if Butt Slut #1 is going to Soup Sunday… the girl is crazy about soup.

Just learned that Jake from Westy’s had a great-uncle who was a master brewer of PBR.

Why South of Beale had to cancel all of its Valentine’s reservations

That’s it. Back tomorrow probably.

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