Sunday update

This is gonna be fairly short. I stayed in Eads last night. Back to the Union Mission tonight.

Penny’s Memphis Tigers host Florida Atlantic at FedExForum at 1. TV: ESPN. It’s a stripe-out with the blue and white. The Tigers have no chance of an at-large seed in the Big Dance but this could improve their seed in the AAC tournament.

The Tigers will be playing this game without Malcolm Dandridge, who is out indefinitely. Twitter sources indicate this may be related to academic misconduct.

The Grizzlies have waived Jacob Gilyard to open a roster spot for Jordan Goodwin.

Memphis is looking to Omaha, home of the College World Series and billionaire Warren Buffett, for a crime plan.

The Railriders play Blind Bear Friday night.

The Orpheum’s 2024-2025 season reveal happens at the theater Monday night.

That’s it. Back tomorrow or Tuesday.

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