Wednesday update – restaurant order mods, revival day 3, and much more

Saturday I was talking to a well-known Downtown chef about mods – modifications people request to restaurant menu items they order. Mods have gotten WAY out of hand since the pandemic. 

I’m not talking about: I’ll take the burger as it comes, with fries, but can I get ranch instead of ketchup for dipping? That’s a normal mod. 

What I’m talking about: I’d like the burger, turkey patty instead of beef, Swiss cheese instead of American, no onion, add mayo and mustard, but can I get the mayo in a cup on the side, fries very lightly salted and extra crispy?

I hear this kind of order ALL THE TIME. 

And you know what’s really ridiculous?

The person with no mods except a different dipping sauce tips 25%. 

The person with a million bazillion mods zeroes out the tip line. 

If what I just described sounds like you, do us all a favor and EAT AT HOME!!!!!

Catherine & Mary’s seeks a line cook with at least 2 years experience. 

Penny’s Tigers will host Mississippi State at FedExForum 4 days before Christmas. 

Day 1 of BBQ Fest is tonight at Tiger Lane. SmokeSlam kicks off tomorrow at Tom Lee Park. 

City. Council members asked for police on Downtown rooftops last night.

Today is National Chocolate Chip Day. Insomnia Cookies on Beale would be my recommendation to celebrate.

From Beale Street Bears: The Grizzlies would be an ideal landing spot for Golden State’s Klay Thompson. There’s a good possibility the Warriors will break up their Big Three in the offseason.

The Redbirds host Gwinnett at 12:05 this afternoon. 

There’s going to be a Strawberry Hennessy Summer Festival in Court Square on Sunday, June 15. 

The Molly Ringwalds will bring the’80s hits to this Thursday’s Peabody rooftop party. If you pay extra for the VIP section this week, here’s the menu: Crab Cakes, Lobster Mac Croquettes, Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp, Blue Cheese & Bacon-Wrapped Meatballs, Mushroom & Truffle Arancini, Goat Cheese & Honey Triangles

DNA will show Jurassic Park for free at BRIDGES Thursday night at 7:45. A food truck will be on site. 

I attended day 3 of the “good old-fashioned revival” at the Union Mission last night. It started off with the guy who got baptized Monday night getting a certificate documenting his achievement. He could hang it on his wall, except he’s homeless and therefore has no wall. 

Then the Atlanta preacher led us through about 6 songs on his keyboard. In the early ‘90s he was in a nationally known country/Southern rock band called Confederate Railroad. But, he said, he got no joy out of his life of music, drugs, and girls, and he didn’t understand at the time it was because he didn’t have Jesus in his life. 

Then the Arizona preacher came up and preached a sermon, which was followed by the usual ending we get to so many of these chapel services:

  1. All heads bowed, all eyes closed. 
  2. If you know that you know that you know that you know that you’ve been saved, that you’ve accepted Jesus into your heart, raise your hand. (He told us less than 50% of the audience raised their hands.)
  3. If you’ve never been saved, and you feel you’re ready to accept Jesus, come up and let us pray with you. 

They gave out thin red and blue paperback books to the 25 or so that came up, books that are kind of orientation guides to being “saved.”

The weather forecast suggests I should take tonight off from staying at the Mission, but I’ve come this far; I guess I might as well see this “revival” thing all the way through. Otherwise I’ll wonder what I missed. 

Back tomorrow. 

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