Friday update

WordPress ate half my post yesterday. If it seemed like it ended abruptly, that’s why. Between that and the library closing 20 minutes after opening, things just weren’t going my way.

Day 4 (final day) recap of the “good old-fashioned revival” at the Union Mission:

There were. no additional believer’s baptisms. The preachers had said they’d be thrilled if last night’s service was nothing but baptisms, so that may have been a bit of a disappointment for them.

A number of religious leaders from around the city who guest-preach at the Mission one day a month were lthere. Brother Ronnie Johnson from a church out in Nutbush gave the opening prayer.

A traveling group from the Korean Baptist Church came in and gave a video presentation. Seoul is the home of the largest Baptist, Presbyterian, and Methodist churches in the world. Koreans are grateful to America for saving their church in the 1950-1953 war. Now they want to repay the favor by helping restore American churches to greatness.

Most of the Koreans were in jeans, but a few wore traditional religious clothing. They did a song- and-dance performance with colorful props.

Atlanta preacher – whose name is Chris McDaniel- led us through about 6 songs on his keyboard.

Then David (Ford? Fort? Something like that) from Buckeye, AZ got up to preach. He’s much more of a fire-and-brimstone guy, preaching about JEEEEEsus, than Chris.

At one point David asked us to turn to the person next to us and pray for them. The “Interact with a stranger” thing is one of the things I hate about church. Especially in a homeless shelter. Fortunately my seat neighbors weren’t feeling it either.

Davjd called all the religious leaders in the room to the front, then told us if we need JEEEEEsus in our life, to come up and talk to one of them. About 30 people came up.

And that was it. No mass-saving like we had Tuesday. The service still went 45 minutes over. Most in the audience didn’t seem to mind but I did hear some complaining.

On to the news…

Sam’s Hamburgers at 7 N. Main had added a new side business: Humble Drip, serving coffee, tea, and pastries.

Well damn… Scottie Scheffler has been arrested while arriving to the second day of the PGA Tournament. Valhalla I am coming…

A suspect has pled guilty to second-degree murder in the death of Phil Trenary.

The Cossitt Library will host a songwriter’s salon on Monday.

Today is National Pinot Grigio Day.

You can’t make this stuff up: They’re giving away White Cloud toilet paper at tonight’s Redbirds game. First pitch 7:05.

Happy birthday to my buddy Coyote who is 23 today.

That’s it. Back tomorrow or Sunday.

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