Important basketball game tonight

New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets vs. Dallas Mavericks, 7:30 pm tonight.

If the Hornets lose, by my calculations the Memphis Grizzlies will be guaranteed a spot in the playoffs for the 3rd consecutive year. The Hornets have a sub-.500 record, and will be playing against the team in the NBA with the 3rd best record (Dallas, 57-19) on Dallas’s home court. I’d say our playoff chances are looking real good.

Does your computer sit idle a lot? Donate its unused computing power

Those of you who have been around the Internet for a while may have heard of SETI@home. It was a project that analyzed data from space to look for possible communications from extraterrestrial life. It was the ultimate distributed computing project – 5 million volunteers installed SETI software on their computers, which allowed their computers to download and analyze SETI data when idle. It didn’t disturb the volunteers’ work at all, because the SETI program only ran when the computer was not being used, as a screen saver would. Over 2 million years of computing time were eventually donated to the project.

This model is now being expanded to other projects. You can choose to volunteer your unused computing time to research cures for human disease, analyze climate change, participate in chemistry or physics research, or analyze signals from space. Check out their website – it’s a project of the University of California, Berkeley.

Question for my readers: Madden Playstation league?

Regular reader Don e-mailed with a question I don’t know the answer to, so I figured I’d pass it on: Is there a Madden Playstation league in Memphis? It’s a league where people play each other over the Internet, and it mimics a real NFL season.

If anyone has info e-mail me at and I’ll pass it on. Thanks.

Tom DeLay is a chicken

This morning Tom DeLay announced that he is resigning his seat in the House of Representatives. As the Democracy for America website pointed out, if he is innocent of all the ethics charges being levied against him, why would he feel the need to resign?

Congratulations to Democracy for America for all the hard work they did over the past year, work which helped lead to the downfall of one of America’s most corrupt Congressmen. Democracy for America is taking contributions today, with each contribution of $50 going to send DeLay a rubber chicken, to commemorate him being a big chicken and running away from the charges.

Deal of the Week postponed

This week’s Deal of the Week is postponed due to technical difficulties – specifically, the Commercial Appeal boxes in the area (along Union near Front and Main) did not have the Sunday paper yesterday. They still had Saturday’s edition, as a friend of mine found out after dropping two bucks in the machine.

Most of the major advertisers publish their ad circulars online, so it’s possible I may be able to search for a deal later today, without actually having the Sunday paper.

$30 beer

This afternoon I went wine shopping at the Corkscrew. While there I picked up a bottle of Rogue Imperial Pilsner. This is the beer that sells for $30 a bottle at the Flying Saucer.

At the Corkscrew it was $12.99, which means at the Saucer you’re paying $13 for the beer and $17 for having it served to you by a waitress in a miniskirt.

Makes sense to me.

This thing is 8.8% alcohol by volume, which is why it’s being sold in a liquor store. It’s 1 pint 10 ounces, which is enough for several people to share, so I figure I’ll bring it up on the roof one night this week when some of the neighbors are up there, and we can have a tasting.

I also went to the Happy Mexican this afternoon, but the restaurant review will have to wait until later because I’m about to head down to Beale Street.

Saturday update

We’ll start this off with a few pics I snapped last night at Earnestine & Hazel’s. These are menus from March 1983, when South Main was still very much a red light district, and E&H was a restaurant downstairs and a brothel upstairs.

The menu at E&H has since been cut to just one item, the Soul Burger, so don’t expect to go there and order “Pig Tails.”

I had a good time hanging out with fellow blogger Kat and her friend KH at the Trolley Tour last night. Kat wore a tube top as promised. Dammit, I forgot to take a pic! Kat, did KH take any? Don’t forget, two months from today, we’ll kick off Tube Top Month in this blog. Every post will make a reference to tube tops, no matter how irrelevant.

I also had to take steps to avoid The Most Annoying Woman On The Planet last night. I’ve written about her before: This is the woman who brought her damn dog to Cooper-Young Fest, despite numerous “PLEASE, NO PETS” signs and ads. This is the woman who routinely makes plans to meet you at 9:00 and then shows up at 10:50. This is the woman who made a New Year’s resolution not to be more than a half hour late when meeting people. Anyway, I won’t get into all the details of our conversation last night, but I’ll just say that I had to take evasive maneuvers to get away from her. ATTN C. AND I.: I’m really starting to see your point about her “using” me, the website connected to Wednesday night’s premiere of the My Memphis movie, is now online. It contains interviews with young, hip Memphis professionals about what they like about the city, and should be a tremendous marketing piece for Memphis. Check it out.

The latest news from Romania is that their president is meeting with the leader of China to improve Romanian-Chinese relations. They’re even building a Chinatown near Bucharest. How cool is that? Now, if I go to Romania, not only will I be able to hit on hot Romanian girls, but hot Chinese girls as well.

That reminds me… I was surfing some websites recently, and I came across an ad for a video that teaches American men how to seduce Asian women. Its marketing tagline read,

“Ah, so GI! You like make ficky, ficky with sexy Oriental girl? Well now you can…”

Good god… that’s just completely politically incorrect and totally wrong. It made me laugh really hard though, so I thought I’d include it.

In other news… it appears that Conte’s, the Italian restaurant on Madison just east of Second, is now staying open for dinner until 9:00 every night they are open (Tuesday-Saturday). Good for them! We need to support businesses that see themselves as part of the downtown neighborhood and stay open late so its residents can get a good dinner.

I also have a restaurant review from regular reader and former neighbor Don… he says that he recently ate at Sgt. Jalapeno’s Tortilla Company on Adams (inside the Comfort Inn) and the fajitas are excellent.

All right… it’s a beautiful day and it’s time to go outside. See you tomorrow with “Deal of the Week” and possibly other news.

I wonder if they have next-day air delivery for that tape on seducing Asian women?

Late Thursday evening update

Summer weather is here. The high was 82 today and it’s only dropping to the 60s tonight… I love it because that means I can run my air conditioner all night. Some people look forward to being able to open their windows and doors in the spring and let nature in, but honestly I look forward more to turning on the A/C. I keep blankets and comforters on my bed year ’round and turn the air down to 68 in the summer months… that makes for the best sleeping. Of course, as a tree-hugging liberal I guess I should try harder to conserve energy, but I’m willing to compromise moral values when it comes to air conditioning.

Speaking of summer… it’s rooftop time! Looking forward to hanging out with the neighbors on No. 10 Main’s roof. Of course, some of the best neighbors are gone, like the chef who cooked gourmet meals for us on the grills, and the cute blonde who sunbathed in bikinis. But it’s time to make new friends. Gotta go out this weekend and get some bottles of wine in the house to share. If you have any good wine recommendations let me know (particularly wines that come in 1.5 L magnums – the regular 750 ml bottles don’t last long on No. 10’s roof)

It’s also rooftop time for the hotels… the Peabody’s rooftop parties start next Thursday, April 6. However, it will be the 13th before I get there, because I’ll be in Midtown at Side Street Grill attending a friend’s birthday party on the 6th. Not sure when the Madison parties start.

Rumor has it that Memphis may get a Whole Foods Market soon. Whole Foods is an organic foods supermarket, a competitor to Wild Oats but much, much better. Midtown or East Memphis are likely locations.

Belly dance teacher Sadiia will be giving an introductory class at Jack Robinson Gallery tomorrow night during Trolley Tour. Class is $8 and starts at 7:30. It’s on the gallery’s second floor – gallery is located on Huling between Front and Main. When I taught at the U of M a couple of my students danced in Sadiia’s troupe, and I know it brought a lot of expression and fulfillment to their lives.

The Corkscrew will be giving a free wine tasting at Alice’s Saturday from 1 to 3:30. Free wine is not to be passed up, and as I said I need to buy some bottles anyway, so I might actually make the transition from moocher to customer. The Corkscrew/Alice’s are located next to the empty pit that used to be the Blue Monkey on South Front.

There’s an art opening Saturday night that sounds interesting… “mFAC 001,” located in a former medicine factory at 85 W. Virginia. The 15 exhibiting artists have pieces on display specifically designed to fit in with the theme of a medicine factory. Even though they didn’t use the magic words (“free alcohol”) I may show up.

Libertyland update… the Mayor’s Office has received an offer from the people who run Magic Springs in Hot Springs, AR to keep the park going. However, the Mid-South Fair Board has refused to turn over basic info about the park’s revenues, attendance, and on-site assets to the City Attorney’s Office. This information is needed for any serious inquiry. Sounds like the Fair Board is impeding progress and standing in the way of the public will.

Remember, it’s important that we support Libertyland, because LIBERTYLAND HIRES RO… never mind, I’ve mentioned them enough in this blog recently. And now that I think about it, I’m mad at the two girls, because before they went home they both said they would e-mail me pictures of their hometown. Almost six months later and no pics yet. Not that it does any good to complain about it here – it’s not like anyone from Romania ever reads this blog.

We have a new bum downtown (actually he’s not that new) who sings at the top of his lungs. He’s on the street singing right now and I can hear him 13 stories up, with all the windows closed. I feel sorry for the people who live on lower floors and have earlier bedtimes than I do (it’s 11:24 pm as I type this).

(Cell phone rings)
“Hey Paul, who’s working the Tap Room tonight?”
“Uh, let’s see… it’s Thursday, should be Niles.”
“Okay, thanks, bye.”
That’s probably a sign that I spend too much time in bars, when people call me to find out which bartender is working.

11:52 pm: Took a break to proofread this post and brush my teeth. The bum is still outside singing. Time for bed. Maybe the noise of the A/C unit will drown him out and allow me to get some sleep.


Let me review a few facts:

1) I have nothing planned for tonight
2) I didn’t eat lunch and am pretty hungry
3) I didn’t spend much last weekend, so I have extra money
4) Sleep Out Louie’s has all-you-can-eat crab legs for $15.95 tonight
5) Sleep Out’s also has NTN trivia/poker/crack boxes
6) Sleep Out’s also has PBR on tap

I think I may have just formulated a plan for tonight. Fellow gluttons… anyone else IN? I’ll be there no later than 6:00 unless something unexpected comes up.

By the way… if you go, be sure to notice that some guy named “PROFPR” has 6 of the top 10 trivia scores for this month. That guy must be pretty smart, whoever he is! Or maybe he just spends a lot of time in bars.

Update to my previous (drunk) post: Fellow blogger Kat has indicated that she will be at Trolley Tour tomorrow night looking fabulous (tube top?) no matter what the weather is. We shall see if that does indeed turn out to be the case… I’ll be sure to bring the digital camera.