Sunset Symphony

I’m a little disappointed that Sunset Symphony is on Saturday this year. The past several years the Great Southern Food Fest has run Saturday and Sunday, and they’ve had the Symphony and fireworks Sunday night.

This year they discontinued the Food Fest, which was a good move because most people would rather bring picnic baskets anyway. So now they only have one day of activities, and they moved it back to Saturday. I wish they hadn’t. Sunset Symphony is the most laid-back event of Memphis in May – it’s the contrast to the rowdiness of Music Fest and BBQ Fest. So it makes sense to keep it on Sunday, which tends to be a more laid-back day than Saturday. I worry that putting it on Saturday will draw the loud frat-boy and redneck types who ruin Music Fest every year.

It also seems to me that downtown businesses would rather keep the event on Sunday. Any Saturday night in May is going to be a big night for them, regardless. But Sundays tend to be a lot slower. Seems like they would want several thousand people downtown Sunday evening, who might be encouraged to stay out late and spend money since Monday is a holiday.

So, I probably will not attend Sunset Symphony this year. I can see the fireworks from my rooftop anyway.

However, I will be at the South Main Trolley Art Tour tonight from 6 to 9. It’s always a good time, especially when the weather is nice.

I’ll probably spend much of the rest of the weekend working on revisions to Moneytecture. We’re about to release version 1.2 which will contain some defined-benefit pension and Social Security stuff that needed to be included. We’re looking at some new options for distribution as soon as this new piece is finished, so I’m under the gun to get it done.

That’s it for now – have a good holiday weekend.