Cracker Jack

I recently read the story behind the name of Cracker Jack candy. 100 years ago, when it was invented, “cracker jack” was a slang term. If something was really good, people would say, “That’s cracker jack.”

Fast forward to the year 2105. A grandfather takes his grandson to the corner store and buys him a box of CRUNK candy, celebrating its 100th anniversary. “How did CRUNK get its name, Grandpa?” asked the little boy.

“Well,” the grandfather replied, “when MY grandfather was a young whippersnapper, people used to use the word all the time. It was used to describe a party that was loud and wild, with liquor freely flowing and the music turned way up. For example, my grandfather might have said, ‘I’m fixin to get crunk up in this bizzzzaaaatch,’ which would mean that a wild party was about to occur at his location. Of course, those days are long past, but every time we buy a box of CRUNK candy we can still think back to those simpler times.”

“Wow, Grandpa. People sure had some funny sayings in 2005, didn’t they?”

“They sure did.”