All aboard the ho train! We have a winner

Just looked at my site tracker, and my blog has had the most hits of any day this week. Unusual for a Friday, traditionally one of the slowest days. Funny how that happens when you put ho’s at the top of your page. There were a lot of hits from Autozone, which I expected (don’t forget to polish your shoes, Uniform Monday is right around the corner… snicker)… but it looks like people from Morgan Keegan like ho’s too.

Reminds me… a few weeks ago I was out at a popular downtown nightspot, and I ran into one of my neighbors, who works at Morgan Keegan. He estimated that 80% of the women in the club were hookers. I personally think his estimate was on the high side, but just in case, I’ll make sure to stop by the ATM before I go there next time, in case I see something I like.

We have a winner in the trivia contest. Thanks to everyone for playing. Check back this weekend, because I have a long article saved in Drafts that is about 90% done and will be posted soon, and I also have ideas for a couple of shorter entries. Throw alcohol into the mix, and reading this blog will be guaranteed to be the literary equivalent of taking a swim in New Orleans. Who knows, maybe I’ll do another trivia question… buying beer for the winners is going to get expensive though, maybe I’ll give away your choice of the hos’ phone numbers as a prize. Have a good weekend, and if you go to any bars downtown, you’ll probably see me.