Pics: Romanians

(Special thanks to Carmel, also known as Ms. It’s-Almost-A-Tube-Top-It-Has-Straps, for loaning me her digital camera.)

This is Liana (lee-AH-nah). Liana is the sensitive Romanian – if you walk out on a $2.50 Pint Night tab without paying her, she will cry. She thinks Ron, the drummer from the Dempseys, is cute, and upon hearing that he is married she said, “oh, that is too bad.” Despite working 120 hours a week, she still finds time to party like a rock star.

This is Ioana (eee-WAH-nah). Ioana is the lazy Romanian, working a mere 90 hours a week. She is also the Apology Machine. “Paul, I am sorry, I have to transfer your tab so I can go to my other job. Are you upset? Are you mad at me? I apologize, I’m sorry…” If you zoom in, you can see that she has 4 ballpoint pens in her pocket. This, and the fact that she wears thick glasses when not at work, lead me to wonder if Ioana is secretly a nerd.

This is an iguana (ig-WAH-nah). The iguana could not present proof of citizenship, so I’m having to take him at his word that he is indeed Romanian.

Group photo. The iguana was called away on important business (he was needed in surgery or something) and was not able to be a part of the picture.

Other notes:

  • I’m taking a risk here, considering they work in a bar with wireless Internet access. At some point someone will probably find this page and show it to them. If they show it to Ioana, she will reply, “Yes, I will speak to heem about thees”
  • If they show it to Liana: “Oh, I am going to keel heem”
  • Meanwhile, dozens of guys will be going, “Cool, now I not only know how to pronounce their names but spell them too! Thanks Paul!” If you found this blog entry helpful you can always BUY ME A BEER – I accept charity
  • This blog has been averaging 20-25 hits a day this week. Bet that jumps to 35-40 hits once this gets posted

All right – I’m outta here. I’ll be at the Cooper-Young Festival all day on Saturday, then I’ll be celebrating a friend’s birthday at the Saucer Saturday night, and doing the usual drunken antics at Sleep Out’s during Sunday brunch. I have Monday and Tuesday off as vacation days, haven’t decided what I will do with those yet. Have a good weekend everyone, and holler at me (and BUY ME A BEER) at the Cooper-Young Fest…