Cooper-Young Fest notes

– Saw a lot of good T-shirts. One read: “I can only please one person a day. I PICK ME.” Thumbs up for having the right attitude.

– I signed petitions to demand a paper trail for voting machines, so there’s a hardcopy record, making elections harder to rig as happened in Florida in 2000; and to demand a living wage for the city.

– Another T-shirt: “Who Would Jesus Bomb?”

– A friend of mine met me up there. She has a special form of dyslexia where “Cooper-Young Festival PLEASE, NO PETS” is misinterpreted as “Cooper-Young Festival PLEASE BRING YOUR G-DAMN DOG.” She was stopped at the entrance and told she couldn’t come in. So she snuck in anyway, and another cop stopped her and told her to stay away from the food vendor area. I suggested she go back to the car, make sure she’s parked in a nice sunny area, and leave the dog inside with all the windows rolled up.

– T-shirt: “Dogs have owners. Cats have staff”

– Stopped in a very cool gift shop – Dylan Blue, at 933 S. Cooper just north of Young. They have handmade jewelry and crafts, and Fair Trade items made in developing countries. Got to chat with the owner for a few minutes – the shop is named after his grandson, who is named Dylan after Bob Dylan and Blue after the blue states.

– I didn’t get to meet Leon Gray from Progressive Talk 680, though. He has the best local talk show in Memphis – 4:00 to 7:00 pm on AM 680.

– My favorite Leon Gray quote: “We can sing together, but we can’t talk together”

– Saw a gay couple with T-shirts that read, “MAN HOLE” and “MAN HOLE COVER.” I would pay those guys to wear those shirts to the Germantown festival next year.

– The kids from White Station were there, doing the thing they do every year where one of them stands there like a statue, and if you put a dollar in their hand they will move and sing and dance for a minute. Why can’t the bums downtown do that? I mean, if you’re going to beg for money, at least be entertaining.

– There was a guy in a “W” hat. It takes guts to wear that to Cooper-Young.

– There were also “W” bumper stickers for sale, with “Worst. President. Ever.” written under the W.

– Got a flyer for a new coffee shop called Quetzal which is open at 688 Union. That would be at the corner of Union and Marshall across from Sun Studio, I believe. I’ll have to go check it out.

– All right. I’m typing this on my laptop at the Saucer, and the battery is just about gone. Time to go drop off the laptop, and get back down here for Trivia Night. Not sure if the Rapscallions will be entering as a team tonight, or if I’ll just be Professor Paul and enter by myself. I have an invitation to be a part of the Sissy Bitches but, you know, I just can’t deal with that name. Anyway, I’m outta here until later….