The Rapscallions are back, baby!

Last night, The Rapscallions, trivia team consisting of No. 10 Main neighbors Imran, Carmel and myself went to the Flying Saucer for the weekly Trivia Bowl. We faced tough questions about buffets, space shuttles and chefs among other things, and managed to finish a very respectable third.

I was expecting a crap prize for third place but I was wrong. Our prize – a $25 gift certificate to dish. Nice! The other team members commented that “we need someone responsible to hold on to it” and pushed the certificate toward me. Not sure what on earth caused them to think of me as “the responsible one,” but, okay. We plan to claim our prize sometime in October.

Carmel told me a lot of details about her social life, but “don’t put this in the blog” preceded all of them, so no new reportable news on her. Don’t worry, though, I have a Carmel-themed blog entry in the works, coming soon.

And since I’m the trivia king, I’ll toss out another trivia question to my readership as I close out this entry.

Which Flying Saucer waitress has the same birthday as me?

E-mail answers to paul at paulryburn dot com. (I’m not linking to my e-mail address this time; last time I did it I was buried under a deluge of spam.) First person to answer correctly wins a can of Coke, three Taco Bell hot sauce packets, and the lint from my clothes dryer. So get your guesses in now!