Next summer, I’m going to Libertyland!

Next summer, I’m going to do something I haven’t done since the early 1980s: I’m going to Libertyland.

Good ol’ Six Flags over Orange Mound… no, I’m not going there for the nasty, artery-clogging food they sell there. I’m not going for the crappy performances. Nor am I going for the rides. And I’m not going to play their games and win stuffed animals.

Sounds like I have nothing but disdain for Libertyland. So why am I going, you ask?

Well, yesterday I stopped by Sleep Out’s for a Bloody Mary, and I was expressing my sadness that the Romanians have left town. The bartender, who is also the manager there, told me that he has never hired anyone from that region, but there are a lot of places around town that will. “There are tons of Eastern Europeans working at Libertyland,” he told me. “You go out there, and you expect to see Americans working. But there are a lot of gorgeous girls there who speak in broken English and have names like Svetna and Tatyana.”

Hmm, REALLY? Anyplace that hires people named Tatyana is OK in my book. I may have to buy a season pass next year.

One more interesting tidbit I learned: The name Tatyana translates in English to Valentina.

And that’s your educational fact for the day. Aren’t you glad you read this blog? Speaking of Sleep Out’s, it’s time for my weekly bottle of mimosas, so I’m outta here for now… I have a feeling Google Earth may draw me back home at some point, though, putting an early end to the alcohol antics which usually go all day Sunday and into the night. See you later…