As interesting as cat poop: Friday update

(Edited Saturday, November 12: Well, I typed this all up and then forgot to hit the Publish button, so I guess this is now a Saturday update)

– Last night I went to the Dempseys show, and ran into regular blog reader Mallory. She commented that she was sad that my blog didn’t make the top 5 Memphis blogs in the Memphis Flyer “Best of Memphis” awards. Personally, I’m not surprised – this blog is about as interesting as cat poop. I mean, I spent the entire month of June talking about tube tops. Carol Coletta’s blog made the top 5. I have a feeling her blog is probably more interesting than mine.

– Interesting fact: Carol is the only person ever to hand me a loss at Trivial Pursuit.

– My new digital camera has 18 different settings, for taking different kinds of pictures: landscapes, close-ups, night pictures, candlelight, document photos, etc. But there needs to be a 19th setting called “Raiford’s.” I’ve tried 3 times now to get a decent pic in that place and I can’t. All I get is fog and maybe a couple of lights. Guess I’m going to have to get there right at 10 before Raiford starts hitting the smoke machine.

– Plans for this weekend: none so far. What’s going on around town?

– A week from today (November 18) is my birthday, so plans for next weekend will likely involve getting drunk.

– Come to think of it, plans for this weekend will probably involve getting drunk too.

– And on Sunday, November 20, the Dempseys return to Downtown Huey’s after a year-long absence. WOOHOO! Downtown Huey’s is my favorite place to hear the Dempseys. The stage is close to the crowd and the acoustics are good.

– Then on Wednesday, November 23, I’ll drive over to Little Rock to spend Thanksgiving with my mother. Hmmmm… I could come back on Friday the 25th for Trolley Art Tour, or I could spend an extra night in Little Rock and go out to their bars in their River Market district. This is a tough decision, hang on, let me do a little research.

(dialing number on cell phone)

“Flying Saucer, Little Rock. May I help you?”

“Yes, do you have any Romanians?”

“I’m sorry, sir, we don’t carry any beers from Romania.”

“No, I’m talking about the waitresses, the girls in the miniskirts. Are any of them from Romania?”

“No, sir, they’re not.”

“Oh well, thanks anyway.” (click)

Guess there’s no point spending the extra night in Little Rock, then. So I’ll be back Friday the 25th.