Fried rice

Lately I’ve been on a combination fried rice kick. When I’m at work, I’ll drive to the closest Chinese restaurant on Whitten Road and get an order of it, along with an egg roll, to bring back for lunch. When I’m at home, I’ll walk down the Main Street Mall to Wang’s and pick up some of their Wang’s Fried Rice for dinner. It’s good, it’s filling, you get a lot and it’s relatively cheap compared to most dishes at Chinese restaurants.

When I was a grad student living in Midtown, there was this little restaurant called Da Wah near Watkins and North Parkway. You could get a huge to-go order of their Da Wah Fried Rice for $3.95, and it would be enough for two meals. Da Wah routinely scored in the 50s on their health inspections, but at those prices, who cares? It closed several years ago.

Where else around town has good fried rice? Any places I should check out?