Birthday, and plans for the rest of the weekend

– Started my birthday at work yesterday. No one there knew it was my birthday, and that’s the way I like it. A lot of times, not so much in the IT department but in the rebate and research departments where I work, they’ll have a big party and everyone will bring food and stuff. And they’ll have balloons and “Happy Birthday” signs all over the person’s cubicle. I’ve never gotten into all that. I prefer to do my celebrating outside the office.

– Man, you know you spend too much time in bars when your bartender calls to wish you a happy birthday.

– So, last night I met the ho’s at the Saucer and we hung out for a while and drank. Then we went to King’s Palace and hung out and drank more. All the King’s Palace servers were looking at me funny, like “What’s the Tap Room guy doing in here?” Got to hear Charlie Wood play, which is always a treat.

– Then I walked one of the ho’s to her car (she was being a pain in the ass, but since she bought me alcohol I guess I won’t go into it here), and went back out. Ended up at the Tap Room, where friends bought me Jagermeister shots. Ugh…my head hurts this morning.

– On the way home I stopped by Big Foot to get food, but their kitchen had closed. NOTE: If you close at 3 AM, and your kitchen closes at 12, you really shouldn’t put “KITCHEN OPEN LATE” in your advertising.

– That’s one thing I liked about the downtown Blue Monkey: they put the hours the kitchen was open right on their front door. If you could read, you know whether you could eat.

– On to today: I need to re-write a stock portfolio program for a friend, so I’ll take the laptop somewhere where there’s wireless and get started on it this afternoon.

– The Blues Ball is tonight at the Pyramid. Tickets are $5,000 for a table of ten. Yeah, I think I won’t be going. However, I probably will hit Earnestine & Hazel’s, which in past years has been a popular after-party spot for the Blue Ball.

– Tomorrow: Sunday Brunch at Sleep Out Louie’s. SOL regulars: be sure to stop by and say happy birthday to Kevin! I had planned to spend the evening at downtown Huey’s, where The Dempseys will be playing from 8:30 to midnight – but now I see that FreeWorld will be playing the early show (4 to 7), so Huey’s may turn into an all-day affair.

– Monday, I’m taking a personal day off work. Among other things, I’ll finally be able to hit a downtown lunch spot where Romanians are rumored to be working. As I’ve said before, one can never know too many Romanians.

– And that’s how the weekend is shaping up. I’m feeling creative, so there will probably be another post or two today.