There was a good article in the Commercial Appeal today about the plans for the Majestic, the new restaurant which will open in the space on the Main Street Mall formerly occupied by Gordon Biersch. I have a good feeling about this place… neighborhood bistro, moderately priced, good wine list. And I know it will be a quality spot if Patrick is running it. I have a feeling this will become a place where I hang out several nights a week, as I used to do at the downtown Blue Monkey.

Don’t take my word on this, but I’ve heard it will open sometime around March if everything goes according to schedule.

Because of the way the Commercial Appeal has their website set up, I can’t link to the article. But here’s how to get to it… if you’re reading this today (December 17), go to their website and it will on the front page under the Business section. If you’re reading this within the next week (before December 24), click on the Business section and scroll down to the bottom, and look for it under the “December 17” links. If you’re reading this after December 24, try searching for “meet me on south main” or “patrick reilly majestic” in the CA’s search box.

I wish Patrick and his crew the best of luck, and I look forward to being a regular at the Majestic in 2006.