Beer recommendation

Harpoon Winter Warmer. They have it at the Saucer for 4 bucks a bottle. I was up there yesterday afternoon drinking the $2.50 Fire Sale (now that I’ve completed 200 beers and got my plate, might as well drink the cheap stuff). But this guy sitting at the bar kept raving about Winter Warmer, so I ordered a bottle. It’s an amber-colored beer with a gingerbread flavor and maybe a touch of cinnamon.

So anyway, it was a slow day up there yesterday, so I spent some time talking to the waitresses. One of them, named Angie, told me…

… hang on, let’s post a pic of Angie.

There ya go. That’s Angie, on the left. The other two are Micheal and Teresa, two of my drinking buddies from the Saucer and occasional readers of this blog.

Anyway, Angie told me that they’re shorthanded, and I guess that’s true, I’ve noticed that a couple of the waitresses aren’t there anymore. So, if you’ve ever thought about waiting tables at the Saucer, now might be a good time to fill out an application. Must look good in a miniskirt, must be willing to learn about about different types of beer, must be able to work at a place that closes at 2 in the morning or sometimes even later. ROMANIANS are especially encouraged to apply.

All right. It’s Sunday morning, so it’s time for me to head to “mass” (also known as brunch). That means I have to walk to “church” (also known as Sleep Out Louie’s), where the “priest” (also known as the bartender) will be serving “communion” (also known as mimosas and bloody marys). I’m looking forward to a day of fun and fellowship with the “congregation” (also known as the drunks). See you later!