$30 beer

This afternoon I went wine shopping at the Corkscrew. While there I picked up a bottle of Rogue Imperial Pilsner. This is the beer that sells for $30 a bottle at the Flying Saucer.

At the Corkscrew it was $12.99, which means at the Saucer you’re paying $13 for the beer and $17 for having it served to you by a waitress in a miniskirt.

Makes sense to me.

This thing is 8.8% alcohol by volume, which is why it’s being sold in a liquor store. It’s 1 pint 10 ounces, which is enough for several people to share, so I figure I’ll bring it up on the roof one night this week when some of the neighbors are up there, and we can have a tasting.

I also went to the Happy Mexican this afternoon, but the restaurant review will have to wait until later because I’m about to head down to Beale Street.