Residents for a Safer Downtown Memphis site now up

I just set up the new Residents for a Safer Downtown Memphis website at Right now it’s just a front page with a link to our e-mail address (and not the most attractive page at that – I had a lunch hour in which to create it), but we plan on adding news and updates no later than this weekend.

Okay… now that the site is up, from now on that will be the place to go for information on crime in downtown Memphis and opportunities to do something positive in response. And starting tomorrow, my blog will go back to being my PERSONAL blog. Meaning, I’ll be going back to talking about pigeons and what the bums are drinking this week and tube tops and Romanians and who won trivia this week at the Saucer (the Rapscallions came in fourth last night in my absence, in case anyone cares). I may do a “welcome to my blog” orientation type of post since I’ll be picking up a lot of new readers from the Flyer article. And I may continue to comment about crime, but will be doing it as Paul Ryburn, downtown resident, not as Paul Ryburn, co-founder of Residents for a Safer Downtown Memphis (that takes a long time to type… we should have come up with a shorter name).

But right now, I’m heading out to celebrate – eventually I will end up at Big Foot Lodge for their 1st birthday party. See you tomorrow!