What I did last night: Watched a pool table get taken apart

Last night I went to Pint Nite at the Saucer. I grabbed a seat at the Second Street window, where I had a good view. (A good view of the waitresses, that is; I could not have cared less about the bum-and-pigeon show going on outside.) About an hour after I got there, two guys came in and took the pool table apart and put new felt on. I had never seen a pool table taken apart before, so I took some pics.

They’ve taken the top off and are looking around to see what has fallen inside.

An up-close look at a pool table’s innards.

The slate surface underneath the felt.

… and now the new felt is on. They took a razor and shredded the felt around the pockets.

You would not believe how much chalk had fallen down into the table. They must have found 50 pieces, at least.

Putting it back together. They put new rails on the pool table too. If you look closely you’ll see a cute Romanian waitress in the background.

In other news: I learned that Raiford’s was not closed because of the movie being shot in the area, as had been reported, but was closed for renovations. A friend of mine went last Saturday, and he reports that they’ve made some changes to the bar area and enclosed the section where Raiford stands when he DJs. Sounds cool… I’ll try to get by to take a look this weekend. Always up for dancing and a 40. I probably won’t be able to get any pics of the renovations, because my digital camera doesn’t deal well with that stupid fog machine.

All right. Time to hit Publish and head back to work. I’ll be at the Saucer tonight, as my trivia team begins the process of rebuilding our stash of gift certificates.